So…What Had Happened….

I’m sure you noticed that I’ve been away from my social media/actual blog oh-noposts for a little bit. I’m going to let you in on the stress that I have been through (no worries, it’s all over now). I keep everything from my blog on my hard drive. I’m not kidding, it’s everything. Any pictures I’ve taken, notes, audio, videos- seriously, everything.

Well, my hard drive liked playing a game with me and when I plugged it in the other day, the entire thing was empty. Gone. Bye Bye. I’ve been in the process of not only trying to recover what I can but trying to reorganize it to the lovely little folder system I’ve become accustomed to. Well, as of tonight, IT’S ALL FIXED! My blog archives are about 85% to what they were but, more importantly, I have recovered some of the information from blog posts I haven’t even had a chance to write yet! Coming up soon: Il Faro Restaurant, Lucky Strike Private Parties (as well as a giveaway involved), Roost Crate, Mountain Ridge Adventure…just to name a few. So apologies if I’ve left you hanging but..I’m back 🙂

2 thoughts on “So…What Had Happened….”

  • Don’t go through that again. Get Carbonite. When your hard drive crashes you have a back up for everything. A couple clicks and you’re back in business.

  • Wow that must have been horrible!
    Also, I love how they repurposed the church into a creative venue!!

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