REVIEW: Mystical Mojo Box [PHOTOS]

REVIEW: Mystical Mojo Box [PHOTOS]

One of my favorite things is subscription boxes. I love to get letters and packages in the mail anyway but to have one that I can expect each and every month is brilliant. It’s a surprise I bought myself and already knew about- still makes me smile every time. I was so happy to have found the Mystical Mojo Box which isn’t just awesome because it’s a subscription box but also because it’s local!

Based in Scotia, Mystical Mojo Box says on their website that their mission is “to provide our customers the tools and instruction to assist them on their personal spiritual journey. Our products are chosenMystical Mojo Box intuitively & with purpose to best compliment whatever spiritual practice(s) you choose to follow.” The story of the founder, Christina is rather fascinating. Instead of trying to follow the paths of spiritual leaders and it not working, she decided to follow her own path, the path of love. A path we should always recognize and may find ourselves straying from occasionally.

There are three boxes to choose from: Crystal Mojo Boxes ($15 per month; 3-5 crystals surrounding the theme of the month),  Mega Mojo Boxes ($45 per month; several items to use in a mini-ritual + a couple extra items such as Jewelry or other special treats) & Mojo Jewels Boxes ($27 per month; 2 -3 Quality Jewelry + Accessory items).

I got the Mega Mojo Box & this month’s theme was “Zen Out,” and zen is exactly what I felt! One of the things I got in the box was Vanilla Lavender Body Butter (by Body Infuzion). Vanilla and Lavender are two of my favorite scents so I loved this. I always find lavender stabilizing and they have actual pieces of the flower in the product which is cool. I also received a piece of Agatized Coral which apparently is a calming stone to help keep tempers from flaring, keeping families harmonious. I should get more and hide these around the house during family gatherings! I couldn’t wait to place the vinyl decal that said “Good Vibes Only (by My Loved Apparel/ Vinyl Sticks Designs).” I figured I needed that around me so I put that right on my laptop! One of my favorites was the Custom-made Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz necklace (by Modern Alchemy) that I can’t wait to wear. Last was a Peace Pillar Candle (Vanilla, Clove, Myrrh, Ginger Root, and Caraway Seed). At first, I thought it was just a candle with essential oils but I didn’t realize I had to charge it first by willing energy into my being. That’ll be an interesting experience!

I loved this box. It’s different from any other kind of boxes that I’ve seen and I love that the entire idea of it came from less than 20 minutes away from me! There’s a new theme and new products each month so give it a try, get your mojo flowing & create a spark in that positive energy. We could all use something, at the very least once per month, to slow us down. For next month, they’re teasing Faerie Magick boxes!

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