TOUR: Twill, Albany [PHOTOS]

TOUR: Twill, Albany [PHOTOS]

I love the 518, I’ve lived here my whole life and what makes it amazing isn’t just the great food. Sure, that’s a good part of it but we have some amazing local businesses that are known nationally that I don’t think get the recognition they deserve locally. One of those businesses is Twill (Albany, NY).

I found out about Twill when a friend of mine posted about the business on Facebook and I was enchanted. What makes Twill amazing isn’t just their mission, it isn’t just how they run their Twill1business but I was infatuated with their entire story and was lucky enough to have a meeting with Zac Halloran (Founder and CEO) to hear all about it.

It all started with Zac’s brother Casey. Casey was dealing with a mental illness and had to stay in a specialized facility. Luckily for Casey, Zac and his family were incredibly loving & supportive of his brother but not everyone there was so lucky. If there was just something they could do for others, something that represents that love and support that they gave their brother- Twill was born. “Where there’s a Twill, there’s a way!”

Twill started out in the basement of Zac’s apartment with Zac, his brother Jer, & a friend Jac. Since then, they have been able to help nearly 3000 children and families and connected with over 30 non-profit partners to provide organic cotton blankets to families in need. The way it works is when you buy a blanket, one is donated to the “Blanket Buddy” of your choice.

You may have heard of companies with similar business models but what makes Twill different is that they want you to #GiveWhereYouLive. Instead of sending a blanket to a place you don’t know much about or honestly are unsure if that other product Twill2actually made it there, you donate the blanket locally and Twill delivers the blankets themselves. Local partners include but are not limited to: Albany Medical Center, Catholic Charities, Ronald McDonald House, Maddie’s Mark, etc (Look at pictures of their donations on their website).

Just talking to Zac and hearing about the company, how it started, and where it’s going, I feel the passion he has not only for the area but each and every blanket that is hand-delivered to someone who needs it. Giving a warm blanket to someone is like giving someone a warm hug, just a symbol that someone is thinking of them. Since the blankets, they have expanded to tote bags (that you can paint at particular Saratoga Paint and Sip events) and you can currently pre-order beanies (I already have my pre-order in on one of the charcoal ones). Honestly, if you’re looking for a gift for a baby shower, a wedding, or even thinking ahead to Christmas, there’s nothing better than a warm blanket made in the USA donating to people in the 518.

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