TOUR: Saratoga Juice Bar [PHOTOS]

TOUR: Saratoga Juice Bar [PHOTOS]

When I type the word juice, I’m sure the first words that come to your mind are orange, apple, maybe even pineapple & until a couple of weeks ago, I was with you but there’s more! Now, I think kale, SaratogaJuiceBarginger & cayenne because those are some of my favorite ingredients found in Saratoga Juice Bar (382 Broadway, Saratoga) juices.

The difference with Saratoga Juice Bar and the juices you’re buying in supermarkets first and foremost are the ingredients. If you’re looking at their bottled cold pressed juices (found here), the ingredients are listed on the bottle, nothing more/ nothing less. For example, one of my new favorite cold pressed juices is Melon Breeze: watermelon, grapefruit & a hint of lime and what’s in it? Just watermelon, grapefruit & a hint of lime.

I know your next question, cold-pressed juice, huh? What makes cold-pressed juice special is that instead of juicing like you would in a juicer in your home, it retains 100% of all the vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes. By pressing the juice instead of grinding it, the nutrients don’t oxidize and therefore absorb into your body. It keeps the integrity of the produce intact so that your body can get all the proper nutrients in their purist form quicker than it would in raw solid foods. It’s like having the vitamins and minerals of 5 pounds of raw fresh produce in one delicious glass and they juice right in front SaratogaJuiceBar2of you in the shop. All juices are raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, soy free and nut free. No ice is used, just fresh frozen fruit.

While there, I had a chance to try one of the drinks. Let me tell you, being in there, it’s so hard to pick which to taste because they all look and sound so delicious! I decided on the Fantasia (Acai, blueberry, peaches, mango, agave & fresh pressed orange juice) and it was even better than I could have imagined. Not into smoothies? You can pick between cold pressed juices, old school juices, added boosters, added protein, wheatgrass shots- anything! While you’re there grab a salad, sandwich, or acai bowl too!

Feeling a cold coming on as the Summer months end? Looking for something refreshing before a long day at the Saratoga Race Course? Stop by Saratoga Juice Bar for something made on the spot or pick up a bottle of their cold-pressed juice around the Capital Region (I get it at Whole Foods if I’m not in Saratoga, personally). Rumor has it, their next product is going to be smaller bottles and maybe even some of your favorite flavors in shot size! Let me know which of their juices sounds the best (I know, it’s hard to choose!)

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