I Didn’t Know How To Say I Liked You, So I Ordered You A Pizza

I found myself in Clifton Park, hungry, having just left Shmaltz Brewing Company and wanting to find something near Route 9 so I could get home pretty easily. That’s when I found Ferretti’s Restaurant (262 Ushers Rd, Clifton Park).

Pizza is one of my favorite foods on the planet. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner- no matter when, I FerrettiPizzacould eat pizza. When I saw that this restaurant has been family owned since 1988 (the year I was born), I figured they had to be doing something right. Though they do offer when you would expect from an Italian restaurant, we went right for pizza. The feeling of it on a Saturday afternoon wasn’t super fancy but it looked like the kind of Italian restaurant that you could trust had great food. The focus isn’t on the decor, it’s on the food and I’m fine with that.

We ordered a cheese pizza with mushrooms (my boyfriend’s favorite) and roasted red peppers (my choice). The pizza was delicious! The crust was great- not too doughy, but not too thin. You could tell there was Italian love in that sauce and it wasn’t that overly sugary canned sauce. The middle of the pizza did get a little less crunchy but it was too hot to eat at that point anyway so we were fine with a fork and knife. For being stuck in Clifton Park and not being forced to pick one of the franchised-favorites, this was a hidden gem we were glad to find. Next time I find myself getting a tasting as Shmaltz, I know where I grabbing pizza from first!

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