I feel like I always say to myself  that I would eat a lot healthier if someone would just make the food for me all the time. I love eating well and vegetables but sometimes the time gets away from me and I’m back scouring the fridge and ending up with PB&J for dinner. One time after I tried Pilates at Studio 4 in Schenectady (One of my favorite places EVER, by thFeed518e way) and Feed518 was there giving samples of her products.

Started earlier this year, based in Ballston Spa, NY, Feed 518 is a food service program that provides healthy, organic ingredients from local farmers and regional suppliers. The meals are always gluten, soy & dairy free and could be vegetarian upon request (unless otherwise noted). The way it works is that you order what meals you want from the menu of the week before Friday at noon and you can pick up your meal/meals at a previously determined location. Currently, Studio 4 (Schenectady), CrossFit518 (Schenectady), CrossFit Round Lake (Round Lake) &Firefly Landing Co (Ballston Spa), other locations would have to be discussed.

I ordered a Burger in the Grass: a burger made with Wm. H Buckley’s local grass-fed beef on top of lettuce with bacon paired with sweet potatoes, broccoli and a delicious guacamole & with it, I got protein bites. I got an email that said my meal would be available at my pick-up point at 5:00PM on Monday. I went, I got it and dinner was ready! The food was delicious and I love seeing the menus changing each week. Also, if you order anything and don’t get some of those delicious almond butter cups, then you’re not doing it right! Take a chance, order something delicious and let me know how it is!

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