REVIEW: Ithaca Hummus, Ithaca [PHOTO]


REVIEW: Ithaca Hummus, Ithaca [PHOTO]


I had the pleasure of meeting a representative from Ithaca Hummus at the Whole Foods Albany 2nd Anniversary Celebration. Though I’d love to make the drive to Ithaca to see their facilities, it’s hard to schedule that far of a drive. Instead, thanks to Ithaca Hummus for being so accommodating, I got to sample their three flavors: Spicy Chipotle, Fresh Lemon & Garlic, and Fresh Lemon & Dill.

I started with Fresh Lemon & Dill.  I was really impressed with how strong the lemon flavor was. IthacaLemonDillIt’s not overwhelming but you can definitely taste it and it pairs really well with the dill. After they soak the garbanzo beans, they’re blended with cold-pressed lemon juice, fresh raw garlic & 100% olive oil. You can really taste how fresh everything is. The ingredients say red pepper flakes are included but you can’t really taste the spice from those. This is a great flavorful hummus that will go well with any vegetable it comes across.

Next was Fresh Lemon & Garlic. Garlic is one of my favorite things on the planet so I couldn’t wait to see how well they IthacaLemonGarlicintegrated it into hummus. This is more of the flavor that you get from hummus. A hint of garlic, a dash of lemon that you can eat with chips just as easily as you could eat with vegetables. The garlic didn’t have that bite that it could and that some tend to shy away from but you could definitely taste it in this hummus. With each bite and each ingredient, you can taste the freshness. They only work with distributors that make sure the hummus is on the shelves no more than 5 days from the date it’s made.

Last, I went with Spicy Chipotle and when they say “spicy” on the label, they’re not kidding! Will this hummus leave you running for a glass of milk? No, but be forewarned if spice isn’t your thing, IthacaSpicyChipotleyou do get a good chipotle flavor with this hummus. That means along with the spicy, you’re going to taste the smokiness of the adobo sauce but also sweet from the pepper. Put that together and it’s a great sweet and spice that keeps you going back for more.

Between the three flavors, it’d be hard for me to choose my favorite one, so you’re going to have to go to Whole Foods Albany and try them for yourselves! You can’t go wrong, they’re all made fresh. Let me know what you thought!

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