Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

[EDIT: Mastroianni Bros. Bakery has closed, as of 7/5/16]

Mastroianni Bros. BakeryPede Brothers. Casa Visco. Gatherer’s Granola. Sindoni & Sons Sausage. Wolf Hollow Brewing. Capoccia Wines.

You know these businesses, especially if you live in Schenectady, and maybe you’ve heard but they joined together to create a culinary masterpiece called Flavor of Schenectady. Always growing, each member of Flavor of Schenectady has to have certain qualifications. Among others, they must manufacture their own food, the food must be made in Schenectady, they must be sold in local supermarkets so that it doesn’t interfere with potential demos and they have to be a somewhat developed brand with a sense of direction the company will be taking.

Every weekend, you’ll see them out doing demos at supermarkets or events around the Capital Region just to get the word out there that not only is Schenectady great but it makes great food too! Mastroianni Bros. FlavorOfSchdystarted hosting Italian Night with the Tri-City ValleyCats at Joseph Bruno Stadium and after talking it over with some businesses, instead of just “Italian Night” they decided why not make it LOCAL Italian Night? It worked out and Flavor of Schenectady was born.

Since then, the idea has grown to not only demos around the area but charity events and monthly features at Union College. The next big event you’ll see them at is Schenectady’s Summer Night on July 15 where I heard rumors of sausage and peppers featuring some of these great companies. You can always keep up to date with where they are on each of their social media pages as well as the Flavor of Schenectady Facebook page.

Most of the time, when Flavor of Schenectady is having an event, you’re meeting the actual faces of the companies. Granted, they can’t be everywhere but when it’s possible, you’re meeting the CEOs and I think that’s pretty incredible. The biggest thing I gathered from meeting and talking to Warren Zieser (CEO of Mastroianni Brothers Bakery) was the passion. He said Flavor of Schenectady is a “Community celebration of local food” and I do get the sense that above all, that’s what they’re trying to do here.

I intend on writing a little bit about each company as Summer Night approaches so keep an eye out for those but if you missed my previous posts on:

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