REVIEW: McLobster Roll [PHOTOS]

REVIEW: McLobster Roll [PHOTOS]

Last Wednesday, I was invited to a special tasting to see what new sandwich McDonalds was coming out with but couldn’t go. Don’t worry, it didn’t stop me from trying it anyway! McD LobsterRollLet me introduce the new…LOBSTER ROLL!

The new lobster roll is available ONLY in New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut) & our Capital Region area (Bennington County VT, Berkshire County MA and Albany NY) and it’s only available today through mid-August so if this is something you’re craving, get it quick, you only have a few months!

The lobster rolls are made of 100% real North Atlantic lobster and mayonnaise dressing layered on a bed of crisp leaf and shredded lettuce served on a homestyle toasted roll. You can get the roll for $8.99 and it’s 290 calories (most lobster provides 28 grams of protein per cup).

So, I had a chance to try the lobster roll but first, some background. I’m lucky enough to have family friends who live in Maine. McD LobsterRoll-2That means about 90% of the lobster I’ve eaten has been from right out of the ocean and nothing beats that, nothing, so I had no idea what to expect.

I opened the box and visually- it looked great! The lobster was bright and colorful, the bread toasted and not soggy, and no weird fishy smell. I took a bite and was really surprised. The lobster wasn’t chewy, wasn’t gummy and I couldn’t believe I just had lobster from McDonald’s! I could’ve done without the lettuce which was wilty, some shredded and not really adding anything to the sandwich. The lobster itself though was pretty good. The sandwich was well-filled and I enjoyed it! I’m excited to know that I have that as an option at McDonald’s, and for a pretty reasonable price comparatively.

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