RAD Soap Co at Whole Foods Market, Colonie [PHOTO]


RAD Soap Co at Whole Foods Market, Colonie [PHOTO]

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I had the opportunity in March to go to a demo for RAD Soap Co. at Whole Foods Market in Colonie Center. At the demo, I learned about how soap is made, how their company began, and was lucky to get a bag of samples to try which you may have seen a bunch of times on my Instagram.


/edit they opened a storefront in Stuyvesant Plaza.

In 2009, in Cohoes, Sue Kerber (Founder) searched for something natural to relieve her son’s eczema. In 2011, RAD Soap Co was being distributed from her basement but quickly by 2012, the company had already moved to a storefront and now in 2016, they’re moving to a bigger place. My hope was to try the soaps and write about my experiences with them when they were finished. What I didn’t consider was that these soaps last a really long time, which is a great deal for you as a consumer! So I may not be through all the samples and scents so far but I’ll give you a run-down of what I’ve tried so far.

My previous experience with soap was looking at the label and figuring out which I wanted to use based on smell and experience with a brand. I didn’t realize all the thought that went into a product. At the core of soap, as they mentioned, is chemistry. What I found most interesting was learning about the pH of soap. Soap has to have a pH of 10 to work, that’s why the cheaper the soap, it tends to have a lesser pH and leaves you with that waxy feeling after showering that we all hate.


What makes RAD Soap Co. different is the ingredients they use to make their soap. All-natural, hemp-based products that 98% are vegan friendly and 100% vegetarian. One of my favorite soaps is the Chaga exfoliant body bar which has actual pieces of all-natural mushrooms to exfoliate the skin. I’ve used that for a little while now and my skin feels so soft afterward. The lotions smell amazing, too! I’ve gotten though all of those and have yet to find one that I dislike. So far, I love the Toke lotion which is made of hemp and smells like sandalwood as well as any of their products with Deathwish Coffee. Coffee and I aren’t the best of friends but the smell of it is intoxicating, as are these Deathwish Coffee products.

Want to keep up with new RAD products and label designs? Make sure you follow them on Instagram or Facebook. To me, a shower or bath is the one place where I can truly relax and I come out of it feeling amazing. To succeed in that, your soap is very important. Give this local company a try and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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