REVIEW: Studio 4 Hot Yoga & Pilates [PHOTOS]


REVIEW: Studio 4 Hot Yoga & Pilates [PHOTOS]


Usually around this time, you’d find me at Studio 4 Hot Yoga and Pilates (151 Lafayette St, Schenectady) getting my butt handed to me by Holly in Barre class but sadly, I’ve had the cold that never ends and haven’t been able to go for 3 weeks (I’ll be back next week, no matter what!).

I’ve experimented with yoga in the past, have it be regular yoga or hot yoga and even aerial yoga but nothing really stuck with me for whatever reason. When Studio 4 opened in 2014, they offered a free hot Vinyasa class via their Facebook so I gave it a try. After my first class there, I was hooked.

Studio 4

I started out religiously being there each Saturday morning for Hot Vinyasa. Each week I would go and see myself getting stronger and more confident in my poses. I didn’t feel awful if I couldn’t do something, there were always modifications and people who were struggling like I was. If you fall, just get back up and try the pose again! I’ve gone to a few instructors like Lisa, Jennifer, Renee, Leslie, Carrie, Dina and of course, Michelle and each one is amazing. Every one has a different style and it’s nice to change it up and go to each of them. I can honestly say I’ve left there each time so happy with the class and so happy that I went. The instructors are incredibly supportive of you on your yoga journey.

I’ve always struggled with anxiety problems and debilitating panic attacks. Granted, hot yoga isn’t a cure-all but it’s helped me in so many ways. I’ve learned to breathe properly through things returning to my yoga breaths, know that if things get too hard I can always go back to downward-facing dog or child’s pose. Moreover, with each success in each class, I’ve felt better about myself and couldn’t wait to show off the new pose I perfected. It got to a point where I just needed more.

via Studio 4 Hot Yoga & Pilates

Then, I saw that they offered a free Barre class. I’ve heard of Barre and how great of a workout it is and I figured the best way to try it

out is a free class so I went, fell in love and never looked back. (It’s honestly been a struggle not being able to go the past couple weeks because of this stupid cold). Holly and Kim are awesome! I experience muscle tiredness in that class that I’ve never felt before and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I welcome it. I didn’t think I had it me to get through an hour of that after I looked up what it was online. Now I’m there every Saturday. Barre utilizes ballet movements with yoga movements with body strength with abs. It’s constantly changing and it keeps my body guessing. The hours feel like minutes because we’re moving so quickly through sets and I feel like a pretty ballerina while doing it, getting stronger in each motion.

Next class on my plate to try? Pilates. I walk by that room all the time and I need to see what’s going on in there!

If you want to give yoga or any of their other classes a try or if you’ve tried it before and didn’t think it was for you, go to Studio 4 in Schenectady. Each class has people of all levels to help you get better. Going to Studio 4 isn’t just a class, though, it becomes a community of people helping you become the best yogi you can be and even if Hot Yoga may seem intimidating, you can’t get better at it until you start!

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