TOUR: Screen Designs Inc, Colonie [PHOTOS]


TOUR: Screen Designs Inc, Colonie [PHOTOS]


I’ve had a Facebook page for my blog for a while but I just started really working on my Instagram page a little bit more (I find it more fun anyway). I love connecting with local businesses and following what they’re doing and in doing so, I came across Screen Designs Inc. (2009 Central Ave, Colonie). ScreenDesignsI’ve seen the name around the various social media channels so I decided to reach out to them and see if I could get a sort-of behind-the-scenes look of what they’re doing. If you see a great design or a great t-shirt print, chances are it was done here. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet with Mark McGuire and get a brief run-down of the operation and I found it incredibly fascinating.

I tried to tape the conversation I had with Mark (as I usually do) but of course my phone was being obnoxious so as a result, I’m not going to get any of the professional names of these machines right. Be forewarned!

First, I got to see how the shirts are printed. The shirts are decided on ahead of time, of course, depending on color or material. The machine itself looks like a giant wheel with shirts on each of the spindle-like parts waiting for the color to be printed on. I first thought it was funny that there was paper on the ground underneath the shirts, ScreenDesigns 2until I accidentally rubbed against ink somewhere and realized they need that to keep it clean (I’ll get back to that later). That’s one thing I was honestly incredibly impressed with, it was almost immaculate. I assumed with all of that ink, it would be everywhere but it just goes to show what pros they really are.

There’s a machine for everything each with a very talented person behind it. An embroidery machine if you want the logo sewn on instead of printed, this amazing washing device that will take the ink out of anything, and a huge dryer to set all the prints. They’ll not only help in creating your vision on a shirt but they’ll help with the entire process. If you’re looking for business cards, shirts, banners, awards, honestly anything, go to their website and get a free quote and see what they can do for you because based on the work I saw while I was there, it’s not only going to be quality but you’re going to love it.

Oh, right, how I ended up with ink on myself to show just what I klutz I am. So I was looking at one of the guys cleaning off all the ink from the stencil they just used to print with, ScreenDesigns3until we noticed I had white ink on my navy blue skirt. I just assumed it was ruined by no one else’s fault but my own until they told me if I had a change of clothes, they’d take it out no problem. This ink is meant to stay on clothes and they were going to take it off like I split ketchup on myself. It was pretty amazing. Before I knew it, the ink was dried on my skirt to make it easier to take off and then blown off with a magical powerful dryer thing. Ta daa! Skirt was like new!

Everyone I talked to while I was there was incredibly nice. Manny, the owner, is a sweetheart who you can tell not only cares about his business and employees but treats each customer like a friend. I’m going to be updating my blog soon and when I get my new business cards, I don’t have any intention on going anywhere else. Check out their previous designs on Instagram and give their page a “Like” on Facebook.

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