“Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside”

Every so often I tend to find myself getting backed up with things to write about. I enjoy writing about food and I really enjoy writing about experiences and things to do but sometimes I find great products but they get lost because I can’t really post a whole segment on them. Also, it’s Labor Day and it’s a relaxation day, for me anyway, so here’s a quick post. For the below local products, the same goes: they were both delicious, both found at Whole Foods and both perfect for the end of Summer so check them out!

Beths Farm KitchenPeanut butter and jelly sandwiches have to be up there with my favorite kind of sandwich ever. Peanut butter in my eyes can do no wrong so I love changing up the flavors of jelly and was happy to find Beth’s Farm Kitchen Black Raspberry Jam.

She has a multitude of flavors and I need to try them all. Beth Linskey started this company in 1981 in an 1850s farmhouse in Columbia County. All fruits are purchased locally or regionally except for citrus fruits that don’t grow well in our climate.




As much as I try, my iced tea has to be sweetened. I’ve tried unsweetened a bunch of times and it IMG_1807just doesn’t do it for me. Imagine the moment I found sweet tea! Born and raised in Upstate New York, though sweet tea has been around, it’s not so in your face as it is in the South.

This tea is my new favorite. I just lost my Grandmother in July 2014 so hearing Maria’s story about her Grandmother pulled on my heart-strings in a big way. Nani used to make this for her family all the time and after a message sent from “Up above (or whatever you may or may not believe in),” Maria decided to make it for mass consumption and put Nani’s face on the front of every bottle and I’m pretty happy about that.

Thanks Nani for the sweet tea, each one I drink is for you!

[Quote from Mark Twain]

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  • JESSS!!! Omg I am somehow just seeing this!!! Thank you so much!! xoxo
    Maria Gallo Nanis Iced Tea 🙂

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