REVIEW: Warrior Dash 2015 [PHOTOS]

REVIEW: Warrior Dash 2015 [PHOTOS]

For the second time, I proved to myself that I am a warrior. (Check out my post about Warrior Dash 2014) As of a few years ago, I caught the running bug and after running a bunch of 5Ks, I was looking to step up my game without exactly doing a 10K (until August last year) and I found Warrior Dash. Warrior Dash is an obstacle 5K, where you’re technically going the distance of a 5K but it’s not anywhere near the WarriorDash2015-25K that you’re used to. As you run, you hit about 10-12 obstacles you must conquer (though you are allowed to walk around if it’s too challenging) before you can cross the finish line and get the free ShockTop beer you’re promised!

This year’s race was at Windham Mountain and it was run really smoothly. Last year, I remember we had to wait in a huge line to register, then a huge line for bag check, then a huge line for beer but at Windham, I don’t think I waited in a line longer than 10 minutes. We grabbed our free t-shirt and red fuzzy viking hat and put them in our bags for bag check. There’s really no need to have a lot with you but be forewarned that you may have to park really far away so there’s hardly a chance that you’ll be able to “Run quick back to your car.”

Something I’ve learned about these mud runs, BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES. Not only Warrior Dash2015-1are you muddy and gross but you’re wet and soggy and it’ll take a lot of beers before that’s ever comfortable. They usually have some place where you can hose yourself down and your clothes. The best thing I did this year was bring an outfit I didn’t care so much about so I didn’t have to carry around a soggy outfit, I just threw it out. Also, unless you pay extra to be a VIP, you’re changing in the port-a-potty so you probably don’t want to change into your Sunday best.

After you’ve cleaned yourself up, grab yourself your free beer, check out the merch, eat a turkey leg, and join the party! If you want to spend a little time at the ShockTop party afterward, sign up for an earlier wave time. I signed up for an earlier wave time if we were running late I could just go in and not have to worry about it anyway. The best part? Like most races, this one benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital which is an amazing organization so before you complain about the price- sign up early, remember you’re helping kids and that this is a blast and totally worth it.

Want to get a taste for some of the obstacles, check out my video. I was so happy to have the opportunity to wear my GoPro on my head for the first time (it’s the little things) so check it out and get a feel for it first-hand. Hope to see you there next year!

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  • This was good as far as it went. I’d give it a good strong 71. Add in a few Marine Corps Drill Instructors along the way screaming at them to get their ass in gear and get up the goddamn rope or move it through the tunnels and so forth and the rating goes up accordingly. Low stress low grade.

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