“When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.”

Mark Twain

I’ve lived in Schenectady my whole life and I’ll admit though I have a good 26 years in the Capital Region (aside from being in college), there are many places in the area I’ve never experienced. Smiths-1I’ve kind of become a Groupon and Living Social hoarder but it’s brought me to some of the coolest places and cheaper than I ‘d usually pay for them. For example, I’m housesitting in Cohoes for the week so I figured I’d check LivingSocial and see what dinner deals they have in the area and I came across Smith’s Restaurant (171 Remsen Street, Cohoes). Spend $20 and get $40, seemed fair so I bought it and gave it a try this week.

The menu was great, perfect size. Of course, our main goal was to try to stay under $40 but hey, if I see something I like, I’m gonna want to try it. The menu was broken up into appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and a special section for cheaper items. NOTE: You can go to their menu on their website for an idea but there are a few different things and prices are a little higher.

I was going to get an appetizer but appetizer to me means dinner leftovers and I didn’t want that so the faster to dinner, the better! I decided on the Fish and Chips. Fish and Chips aren’t something I get very often but when you have a random craving, you run with it, right?Smiths-2 It was a light beer battered haddock fillets served with a tarter and cocktail sauce (I asked for both). The fish was pretty good, the batter wasn’t super light or super heavy. I was able to get through it with just my fork and the fish was perfectly flakey. Overall, it was alright. Granted, the last time I’ve had fish and chips was in Dublin, Ireland which is a-whole-nother world but this wasn’t too bad. There was nothing incredibly special, no fantastic extra flavor in the batter but it was good- same with the french fries. The service was great, our waitress was very attentive, and the building was a lot bigger than it looked from the outside. It was clean, nice and the bar area was beautiful. If I find myself in Cohoes again hungry, I’d come here again for sure. On Smith’s website, it says that it’s remained unchanged since the 1930s and normally I’d call that dated but this restaurant is timeless and I’m glad they’ve been around for this long.

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  • I stopped at Smith’s,for the first time,a few weeks ago and I was surprised to see nobody in the dining room at 5:30 or so. Never a good sign.
    Anyway,I was there to pick up a turkey dinner for 4. The meal was ok–I’d give it a 75 out of a 100 but I probably won’t be going back.

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