REVIEW: Psychedelicatessen [PHOTOS]


REVIEW: Psychedelicatessen [PHOTOS]


EDIT: Location has closed.

I don’t frequent Troy as much as I like but it seems every time I go, I find myself near the Psychedelicatessen (275 River St, Troy). I’ve always wanted to stop in there and see what they have (the name draws you in enough) but I didn’t, until recently. Psychedeli-1Each bagel is made from scratch every day, hand rolled and boiled and that’s not even the part that I’m most impressed with. They proudly support local businesses, local farms, and local ranches. For some quick examples, they get butter from Cabot in Massachusetts, flour from King Arthur in Vermont, produce from Denison Farms in Schaghticoke and so many more that you can see on a map inside the store.

Not sure on what type of bagel to get? Psychedelicatessen has so many kinds to choose from: blueberry, cinnamon toast, cranberry orange, chocolate chunk, spinach parmesan, jalapeno cheddar, bacon cheddar, pesto, pumpernickel, egg, raisin, tie-dye and of course the regulars like plain, sesame, wheat, and everything. Okay, so you’ve picked your bagel, now you think you’re just gonna throw on some cream cheese and be fine, right? Wrong. Next, you have to pick from their amazing list of spreads like honey nut, honey cinnamon, onion chive, garden veggie, cucumber dill, bacon scallion, jalapeno, quark cheese, olive, among others, but my favorite was hummus. They recommended hummus my sun-dried tomato bagel and it was heaven. Besides that their hummus was exceptional, I would never have thought of putting hummus on a bagel, so glad I did!

You can’t beat the prices either- a bagel ($1.00), Psychedeli-2a bagel + cream cheese ($2.50), bagel + hummus/quark ($3.00), half-dozen ($4.50) and a baker’s dozen ($8.75). You can also get an egg sandwich ($3.85-$7.50 with lox), build your own sandwich ($7.45), get a house sandwich ($7.45-$9.00 with lox), salad ($6.55) or a delicious smoothie ($4.75).

I ended up with a sun-dried tomato bagel with hummus and a bacon cheddar bagel for the road. I’m so impressed with how fresh and delicious each bagel was and how the flavor came out in each one. The environment of a 60s tie-dyed hippy-like area made my Mom happy and the food would make anyone happy. This place is a must go-to if you’re in Troy and haven’t checked it out yet. I wish I lived closer but it’s probably best for my wallet & waist-line that I didn’t but I can’t wait to go back and try another kind of bagel!

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Psychedelicatessen is Closing

Psychedelicatessen is Closing

One of my favorite bagels I’ve ever had, one of my favorite places to go in Troy, I’m sad to hear that it’s closing.

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