“I eat a lot of salad, a little meat, and some fruit. That’s all. But I like sweets.”

Sophia Loren

I love going to Lake George in the Summer. There are so many great restaurants and things to do! One of my family’s favorite restaurants was George’s Restaurant (3857 NY-9L, Lake George). It kind of became a staple where at least once a Summer we would have dinner there and eat from their delicious salad bar. GeorgesLG-1In April 2014, we were sad to hear that George’s had some fire damage due to the house behind the building catching on fire. George’s was expecting to open that Friday but the fire damage hit the kitchen and they needed to do the necessary repairs and therefore, didn’t open last season. Luckily in May, they announced that there were opening for the 2015 season and we couldn’t wait to support them!

It’s still the same restaurant with the fancy chandeliers, mirror, and pictures on the wall. The salad bar, though enhanced, has moved but the menu is still broken down into “From the Butcher Block,” “From the Sea,” and “From the Farm and Garden.” Aside from the salad bar, my other favorite option is the Early Bird Special served 4:30PM-6:00PM. I got an entree for $19.99 which includes full-access to the soup and salad bar as well as a choice of baked potato, french fries, GeorgesLG-2rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, or steamed broccoli.

For starters, my cousin ordered the peppered ahi tuna and it came with a side of seaweed salad, sriracha. It was delicious. My appetizer was oysters on a half shell. Every so often I get an oyster craving and it’s pretty easy to mess up oysters, in my opinion anyway. These were great! Fresh, perfect texture, great size/amount, and the vinegar and cocktail sauce paired with it perfectly. I would definitely order them again, it was a great starting plate before my salad bar creation.

For dinner, I ordered off of the Early Bird Special options and got the Eggplant Parmesan. I was really surprised when I got my plate because the eggplant was pretty lost in the sauce. It looked as if I had a plate of sauce and I happened to order bits of eggplant in it. After some digging, I did eventually find the eggplant I was looking for. The portion size was appropriate. Not saying it’s right but I’m so used to getting three or four servings in each plate but this wasn’t the case, I had just enough and no leftovers to take home. GeorgesLG-3The sauce was really good and the eggplant was okay, it ended up getting soggy from all the sauce on it but it was pretty good and very filling. I would’ve liked for my eggplant to have some with a pasta option for the extra sauce but I didn’t see various potato products helping with that.

Overall, the food was good and I’m so happy they’re finally open again. Their salad bar is serious and I should’ve just ordered that for dinner. Make sure you go with enough time to take advantage of their early bird special. The staff is awesome and incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable! My only wish is that in their renovations, they made the stalls in the bathroom bigger. Be forewarned, though very clean, ad someone who is as tall as I am, I would probably go to the bathroom before I got there!

Note: I was also surprised to see Purrs and Paws: A Kitten and Cat Shelter on the property. I’m all about helping those animals who are victims of animal cruelty or overpopulation, I just wasn’t expecting it. If you’re an animal person and going to the restaurant, check it out. It’s really a great thing they’re doing for those cats.

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