Blaise Pascal

I can’t even put into words how annoying this sprained ankle has been. I’ve been so active, getting back into hot yoga, PRing my 5K times and then BOOM, one game of kickball and I’m on crutches and BeetsBLUHR-1told I can’t be active for over a month. The worst part? I had the opportunity to try out a heart rate monitor from BeetsBLU but had to wait it out until my doctor said it was okay. Finally last week, I had the opportunity to test out the heart rate monitor and I have no idea how I worked out without it. I always hear that you need to have your heart rate in a certain range but I just figured they weren’t really that important. This product changed everything.

First, I opened up the box and read the instructions and it was just as easy to hook up to my phone as the box said it would be. BeetsBLUHR-2You have to wet the sensors first to so it can register you and I connected it to my BeetsBLU app (for iPhone). From there, I could also connect it to my MapMyRun app to get an adequate reading of how many calories I’ve burned with each workout. You put the monitor right under your chest. I put it right under the bottom of my sports bra and luckily if you don’t have it close enough to your heart, you’ll be able to see it on the app on your phone.

I can also decide what I’m using the HR monitor for. It can be either warm-up, fat burning, endurance and extreme to make sure your heart rate is in the right target zone and set it to sound an alert if it is above or below it. You can also check out your history with the monitor which I like to see, especially if I’m running the same course to see if BeetsBLUHR-3I’m pushing harder or how I can use this information to PR my next run.

I love how with Bluetooth, this connects to all of my running apps. I’m amazed by how easy it was to use and to record all of my information for any workout I’m doing. If you’re looking for a versatile heart rate monitor that you can pair with your other workout apps, this is it. You can get it on Amazon and let me know what you think!

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