No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.

Channing Pollock

I don’t know if I’ve ever touched on my true culinary love. Sure, pasta is great, I could honestly eat a good slice of pizza for every meal and get me a good deli sandwich and I’m happy. My true love though, the food that I want with everything all the time, is garlic. BaldMtnPeanuts-1I’ve been known to make garlic bread that burns taste buds, put enough garlic on pizza that makes a kitchen smell for days. In laymen terms, garlic is bae.

Every time I go to some sort of culinary festival and see someone say that their product has garlic, I’m drawn to it almost like a challenge. Usually it’s delicious but the garlic is faint, until I met Bald Mountain Garlic Farms and their Roasted Garlic Peanuts ($8.00). As they describe them, “A flavorful blend of peanuts, garlic, and sea salt. This snack includes large Virginia peanuts and roasted garlic chips. ” I mean, you honestly can’t get more garlic than actual pieces of roasted garlic in the bag, right?

These peanuts are delicious and made right. I hate when I find something I love and see that there are 50 ingredients and half of them I can’t pronounce. BaldMtnPeanuts - 2It’s a bag of peanuts, why can’t the ingredients just say PEANUTS? These peanuts? They’ve got it right- 6 ingredients and all things you’ll recognize. Virginia peanuts, roasted garlic, pure garlic powder, canola oil, peanut oil & sea salt. What I love the most is that they have the right balance of salt and not too much of a garlic kick that makes you run for water but enough that you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you missed the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival and don’t want to order them online, they will be at the 20th Annual Southern Vermont Garlic & Herb Festival (as will I, obviously).

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