REVIEW: Giovanna’s on the Lake, Lake George [PHOTOS]

REVIEW: Giovanna’s on the Lake, Lake George [PHOTOS]

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It was just restaurant week in Lake George and there’s no way I would miss the opportunity to have food up in Lake George in this beautiful weather for $20.15. My family and I decided to check out Giovanna’s on the Lake inside of The Georgian (384 Canada Street, Lake George). GiovannasI’ve eaten there a few times before and never been disappointed but restaurant week is a strange monster. During restaurant week, note how much you’re paying for food that’s normally more expensive. Though I enjoy restaurant week, my experience is that the food during this week isn’t as good as food you would pay the full price for which I get.

To start I ordered the bruschetta and I loved it. Crusty bread with fresh vegetables and a balsamic reduction drizzled on top. I loved it. I’ve had bruschetta where the bread has gotten soggy or the vegetables were the wrong temperature but this was perfect and I’d be sure to order it again if it happens to be on their regular menu.

Giovannas-2 For my main course I ordered white fish with a white sauce and stuffed. I didn’t happen to catch what the sauce or stuffing was for that matter but it didn’t really matter. The fish was a tad disappointing. I ate about half of it, it was solid but I took home leftovers and didn’t finish them. The sauce didn’t really taste like anything and did nothing to enhance the flavor. The stuffing I felt just got in the way of the natural flavor of the fish that was already hard to distinguish. Overall, it was just okay. Giovannas-3 I didn’t hate it but I probably should’ve ordered a steak.

For dessert, flourless chocolate cake. I forget every time I order flourless cake, I always forget how rich it is. Granted, it was delicious but it took a lot of will power for me to finish it. Well, will power and that fact that I love chocolate. Though my main course wasn’t my favorite, I’ve never had a bad experience with the service there. Everyone that has ever waited on us has always done it with a smile and great disposition. Giovannas-4They’re incredibly accommodating and I appreciate that. Also, the view isn’t too shabby either. Gotta love Lake George!

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