REVIEW: Caffe Vero, Lake George [PHOTO]


REVIEW: Caffe Vero, Lake George [PHOTO]

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EDIT: Business has moved.

I’ve been craving chai lattes lately and I blame it solely on Caffe Vero (1 Canada Street, Lake George) and their delicious beverages. CaffeVero-1I’ve been familiar with Caffe Vero since their last place in the village but they just got settled at their new place down the street, it’s beautiful and they make a solid chai latte FYI.

I went with my family for breakfast and they have every thing breakfast you would ever want to eat, like my personal favorite, homemade bagels (yum). If you’re looking for views of the newly updated place, you’re going to have to check it out on your own because their website is still under construction in terms of changing it over from the old place but take my word for it, it’s a huge step up from before. I’ve gone to a lot of restaurants and this food came out faster than I’ve ever experienced out eating before. We got our drinks and before we knew it, the food was cooked fresh and put in front of us.

I ordered a breakfast sandwich on a homemade whole wheat everything bagel. It was honestly between that and french toast but how do you turn down a homemade bagel, the answer? CaffeVero-2You don’t. The eggs were cooked beautifully and the perfect amount of bacon but my only complaint is that I wish it was bigger. You know that feeling when you eat something amazing and you wish there was more because it’s gone already but then you give yourself time and realize that if you ate anymore you would’ve made yourself sick? It was that. The bagel was thinner than some of the chain bagels in the area but after everything digested, it was perfect.

I took a large chai latte to go and went on my way. If you’re looking for a great spot to relax, grab a bite and get some hot delicious beverage in your stomach, check out Caffe Vero for sure.CaffeVero-3 It’s got its own parking lot so you don’t have to deal with the crazy Lake George Village parking  and you end up with something delicious (even if you’re like me and don’t drink coffee). What’s your favorite hot beverage? Team coffee? Team tea? Team hot chocolate? Or something else?

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