“Anyone can drink beer but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer”


I’m just gonna start off by saying that I love beer so when I see a place in the Capital Region opening up called “World Of Beer,” how do I not try it out? WorldOfBeer2My first thought before going was that they’d probably have a few more taps to choose from but I’d probably stick with my go-to craft beers because of lack of substance. Boy, was I wrong.

World of Beer not only has the largest beer selection I may have ever seen but they change the beers they have on tap daily which is pretty incredible and annoying at the same time. WorldofBeer I love options and I love being able to try new beers but I also like to be able to find a strange beer and be able to order it again which sometimes I’m not able to do there with how frequently they change the taps.

The whole atmosphere is great though. High top tables, couches, bar seating with bands in and out every so often- it’s a great place to relax with friends and have at least one cold one. I didn’t get a chance to try any of the food but I really enjoyed the entire experience. I’ve been to a lot of bars that claim to have a lot of beer options but World of Beer delivers. Which beer would you order at World of Beer?  If I was to recommend anything?  Breakfast shot, do it, it tastes like pancakes!

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