REVIEW: Flight Trampoline Park, Albany [PHOTOS]


REVIEW: Flight Trampoline Park, Albany [PHOTOS]


EDIT: Location is now the home of Airdrenaline Adventure Park

Who doesn’t love to trampoline? The feeling of jumping in mid-air, almost like flying to get rid of your daily stresses is an amazing experience. IMG_7891I recently went to Flight Trampoline Park (30A Post Road, Colonie) and had a blast!

You walk in and the first thing you have to do is sign a waiver but it’s so hard to not just throw your socks off and start jumping. The best part? The prices are really reasonable! 1 hour flight ticket is $13 for an adults/$8 for children 2-6, a 2 hour flight ticket is $23 for adults/$15 for children 2-6 and if you just want a quick 30 min jump it’s $9 for an adult/$6 for children 2-6. Grab yourselves a quick $3.50 pair of socks (that you’ll need) to jump in and now you’re styling! And you can bring those socks back every time you go.

I was wondering what I’d be able to do for 2 hours jumping and surprisingly, I was plenty entertained, I think an hour would’ve been too short!IMG_7869 It’s a whole room of trampolines for you to do flips and fancy jumps or try to see how high you can get and there’s plenty of space to move around. Jump from one side of the room to another, jump off of some of the small ledges onto the trampoline or my favorite part, jump off of a high cliff into a giant pillow!

Every so often they announce dodgeball games starting so you run over to the court and play dodgeball ON TRAMPOLINES! Come prepped with water and expect times you’re going to want to relax and catch your breath- at least I did. It gets hot in there fast so before you go, grab some capri yoga pants and a short sleeve shirt so you can jump with no restraints.


I had a great time and since posting pictures on my Facebook page, tons of people have asked me how it was and saying that they want to go. Join them! I know we get kitschy things around here that loses it’s luster after a trip or two but believe me when I tell you that this isn’t it. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to go back, maybe they’ll even start fitness classes. I’d be in to do that, think of the cardio! Have you been yet? What’d you think?

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