REVIEW: Adventure Trek at the Great Escape Lodge, Lake George [PHOTOS]


REVIEW: Adventure Trek at the Great Escape Lodge, Lake George [PHOTOS]


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If you know me, you’d know that at the end of the day I’m a child at heart. Sure, I have to go to work everyday and put on the act that I’m an adult but I’d much rather be playing outside. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try the new Adventure Trek game Quest of the Guardians at the Great Escape Lodge in Lake George. I stayed at the lodge with a couple of friends of mine for the Glow for a Run and woke up bright and early to try this new game. The best part? It’s all ages, parents can do this with their kids or friends could do it together. My friends and I are all 25 and over and couldn’t get enough!

You start off aimed with a wand. You have the ability to pick out your wand and various accessories like a wand holster, wand top, etc. AdventureQuestWandsThe game itself is $12.99 with wands ranging from $17.99-19.99 depending on how brilliant you want your wand to be. Some of the wand tops even make noise while you’re waving it (mine lit up)! The best part though is that once you get your wand, it’s registered to you specifically and you can bring it back any time to the lodge and continue your game right where you left off. The goal is to save the resort from the evil humdrums and sludge monster through a different realm helping out the Guardians in various tasks through a bunch of different missions and earn badges.

Once armed with your wand, you’re given a kind of “cheat sheet.” You can either wave the wand at the various screens and see what you can find or follow the cheat sheet that brings you to the correct floors for your journey. You start at the main screens outside of the wand depot, pick the journey/tasks you’ll be following and you’re on your way throughout the hotel trying to help the Guardians!

Our first mission? A Splashateer Adventure: Tall Treehouse Leaky Bucket Mission! We had to help build a treehouse but didn’t have any tools. AdventureQuest2Our mission took us all over the hotel playing games, waving our wands until eventually the treehouse was built. We found that following the key was necessary or we would still be there on the same mission (we couldn’t let the Guardians down)!

The game was a blast, where else do you get to wave wands around and have things react to it? My favorite part was the little touches throughout the hotel with the wands that I wasn’t expecting. You may see neon colored rocks on the wall in the hallways (they look like the Aggro Crag from GUTS for my fellow 90s kids) and we loved “lighting” our way by waving the wands in front of them and turning them on during our quest to build a treehouse. If you’re going with a group of people though, each person has to complete each part of the mission with their wand. Some of the things we had to find were as easy as waving your wand in front of a TV screen with a room it may e hiding in but others had to be earned by building a blueprint, for example.

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It may seem focused on children but this is honestly something for all ages, especially after a long day at the Great Escape park across the street. I would recommend anyone to go check it out and the best part about staying at the lodge is that you’re close enough to home for it to not be a traveling hassle but you still feel like you’re on vacation.

And in case you missed this part- YOU GET TO WAVE AROUND A WAND and activate TVs! I felt magic!

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