“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”

Albert Einstein

I’ve seen an influx in places to paint and drink in the Capital Region and I love both of those things so I figured (with the help of LivingSocial) that it was time to try one out. On Friday, I went to Art on Tap in Clifton Park (22 Clifton Country Rd #22, Clifton Park). It was a little hard to find at first. Art on Tap 1Granted, I’m not incredibly familiar with Clifton Park Center but I wasn’t able to find on Google Maps or their own website where exactly they were located in that area. They’re rather close to Marshall’s, next to Coccadotts,’ on the side facing route 9 (hope that helps).

To start, each station was set-up with an easel, canvas, plate of paint, assortment or paint brushes and water. We grabbed a smock, I grabbed a glass of wine, and we were ready to begin. I don’t know if it’s assumed but just a FYI, the drinks aren’t free and you are not allowed to bring in any of  your own. I had a glass of Riesling for $6 and it was incredibly relaxing while painting.

The class started with Nikki, our instructor, introducing herself. Each of the instructors has a mini-bio on the website and each of the instructors has a lot of art experience. Nikki, for example has a Master of Fine Arts in painting and does a great job of not only explaining things step-by-step but being there for advice when we need it for our work. She told us which brush to start with and not only which colors to use but recommended how to blend them and how much. For example, at one point we had to add black to another color, she warned us that black is a strong color and we’d only need a very little bit. Boy, was she right!

The night I went, the painting was of cattails but you can see on their website which paintings you’re specifically signing up for. What’s cool is that none of the paintings are recreations of ArtOnTap 2famous pictures so I can hang up my artistic masterpiece in my house and no one would have any idea that someone walked me though it- heavily. I took step-by-step pictures of my painting so you can see that in a relatively small number of steps, you could create a masterpiece with such depth. We learned how to do a “wash” of a color instead of just painting it, how different brushes can make a painting incredibly different and how layers on a painting can create amazing dimension.

I can’t wait to go to another Art on Tap and see the styles of the other instructors, see what else I can paint. I love painting but something about walking away with a canvas of my artwork, something I painted on my own, is empowering. The best part? I didn’t  have to clean up my mess! Have you gone to Art on Tap? What did you paint? What was your experience?

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