REVIEW: Hot Yoga Spot, Albany [PHOTOS]


REVIEW: Hot Yoga Spot, Albany [PHOTOS]


B.K.S. Iyengar

For the past year, I’ve gotten into fitness. I’m not a gym-junkie and actually though I like my gym, I prefer different ways of working out. Luckily for me, Girlnetic found me and has given me the opportunity to try new workouts that I wouldn’t have normally went for by myself. Last year, among other things I did a bit of Crossfit and learned that though I see how incredibly fit it can make you, that style just isn’t for me. Recently, they picked up again by trying out a new workout each Sunday. Two weeks ago, I signed up for my first hot yoga class at The Hot Yoga Spot Albany.

Hot Yoga Spot
Credit: Hot Yoga Spot Facebook

I saw on their website that they were located in Stuyvesant Plaza and for the life of me, I couldn’t find it. Drive to the part where you find Different Drummers and Jean Paul Spa and it’s right behind that with its own parking lot. I showed up with just some water and everything else was provided by the studio. I hadn’t been to a yoga studio in a really long time so I was pretty clueless but thankfully the girl at the front desk answered all of my questions.

I grabbed myself a mat, yoga block, yoga strap, towel, my water and placed the center of my mat on a sticker and was ready to go. The instructor started with a quote about how we should be more open to new experiences. Not necessarily say “Yes” to everything but be more open to doing things that may make you have to go out of your way a little bit which ironically is what I was doing.

You are very close to the people around you which at first may seem daunting but you really only need the space of your mat so unless you’re sharing a mat, you’ll be fine. The instructor then began to call out yoga moves by name. I had no idea what any of them where but I was in a beginner’s class so I noticed I wasn’t the only one looking at everyone else for direction. If you can’t reach the floor for certain poses, you use the block so you can really adjust for your skill level. The instructor also comes around to help your positioning so that, with practice, you can perfect it.

What obviously makes this different from other yoga places is the heat. I’m not usually a fan of heat but I found this very cleansing. It wasn’t so hot that I couldn’t handle it but I was sweating! It was a comfortable, enjoyable heat and made for a great detox. The end of the session we did a semi-meditation where we focused on our breath and body position. The hour seemed to speed by but that was a great relaxing way to leave the class- breathing in the heat and warming your insides. I loved it all! That particular studio is a little far for me to frequent as much as I’d like but they have other locations that can be found on their website. Have you done hot yoga? What was your experience like? What kind of workout have you always wanted to try?

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