When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough

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EDIT: Fast Trax is now closed.

I was lucky enough to take part in Media Day at Fast Trax Raceway, indoor karting at Crossgates Commons a few weeks ago. I heard that something like this was going into the old Circuit City but I couldn’t imagine that they’d have enough room for an entire go-kart course; I was obviously wrong.

If it’s your first time there, you first sign in at the computer. FastTraxYou fill out your name, email, a racer name and sign a waiver. Be careful with your racer name because it’ll be projected for the entire area to see, keep that in mind. After signing in, you go to the desk and they take your picture to go with your racer name. After your first time, if you visit again, you just go to the desk and tell them who you are and they’ll start to put you in races.

Luckily for media day, it was a smaller crowd so I not only got to go on a few runs but we got to plan a race with just our friends. That means that your race may not just be you and your friends, it could include other people who happen to be there at the same time.

The race starts when they call your name and you enter the racing area. If it’s your first time there, they will explain to you what the various flags mean that they may wave at you while you’re racing. The general rule is to stay along the outside so that people faster than you can pass you but with all the curves that tends to be harder than it seems. The best part was having to wear a serious motorcycle helmet that made me a little intimidated at first.

I first got in the car and my heart was racing a little bit. They first let everyone out on the course going really slowly, FastTrax2after everyone is out they bump up your speed a little and then a little more. Those cars go really fast! They say all over the place to slow down on the corners and from first-hand experience, they’re not kidding. It may seem fun but if you take those corners too fast, you’re gonna run into the wall and then they have to slow everyone down. Each race is based on time, not getting in front of people. At the end of it all, you get a race report that not only tells you your time compared to everyone else’s but your accident report and your best time. It was fun comparing all of my runs to each other.

This is not only a great place to spend a couple of hours but a dream place for a kid’s birthday party. There are a few ways to pay for your Fast Trax experience. A 14-lap adult race or 10 lap junior race is $23 or $18 with a Fast Pass. Pay for a fast pass $50 year membership and get 2 free races, 1 free birthday race, 1 free fast trax t-shirt and other discounts. More specific pricing details can be found on their website. It was tons of fun and the time just sped by. I couldn’t wait to hear my name announced for my next race and felt myself getting better and better each time. I had to be careful when I got into my car to leave because I was still in the race car mindset so you have been forewarned. This is a great place for not just kids but honestly any age would have a great time whipping those cars around this course.

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