“No human being, however great, or powerful, was ever so free as a fish.”

John Ruskin

I could be quoted saying that I could give up all meat except I wouldn’t be able to live without fish. One thing I could never really get passed was fish fry. I’m not a huge fan of fried food anyway but it just seemed crazy to fry up fish. This week, a friend who was visiting the area was craving fish fry so I not only went out once, but twice.

My first stop was Ted’s Fish Fry (636 New Loudon Rd, Latham). My only other experience with fish fry recently was at Bob & Ron’s on Central Ave which apparently was the best in the area (according to the Times Union Best Of 2013) and though I liked it, it didn’t knock me off of my chair (see my blog post). Ted's Fish FryWhen I went to Ted’s I figured it was only fair to try their fish fry, compare them and see what I thought. Their condiments were comparable but there was a definite winner in my book as to better fish fry but I apparently don’t agree with the majority.

I felt that Ted’s Fish Fry was a lot fresher than Bob and Ron’s. Being that both times were my first experience with either, Bob and Ron’s could’ve been having a bad day but it seemed to me that Ted’s was the clear winner. One serving of fish fry is not at all enough food for me but neither were good enough to splurge on two servings. I think I just may not be a fish fry fan but that didn’t stop me from trying one more.

Later that week, I went to Ankers Fish Fry (420 Altamont Ave, Schenectady). It’s not as well-known as its fish fry competitors but apparently it’s a staple in Schenectady so I figured why not, right? AnkersFishFryIn terms of other food that they had that wasn’t fish fry, it was more of a choice than Ted’s but I assume that most that want a hamburger aren’t going to head to a fish fry place as their first choice. The fish fry itself was okay but not my favorite. Out of the three I’ve experienced so far, this was probably my least favorite. It wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t the best. If I found myself in Schenectady and was oddly craving fish fry, I could see myself going there but I don’t see myself craving it anytime soon.

Where have you had fish fry in the 518? Do you have a favorite? Are all Ted’s locations the same?

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