“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch”

Orson Welles

I love food trucks, I don’t think I’ve made that much of a secret. I went to the Troy Food Truck Festival back in May and apparently I’m not alone. The turn out was fantastic, so well in fact that I waited in line for over an hour for Slidin’ Dirty (boy, was it worth it though)! FoodTruckRodeo If you didn’t have a chance to try a certain truck, didn’t get the chance to go or just love food trucks enough that you can’t wait for them to get back together again, you’re in luck. Capital Region Food Trucks are getting together for a Food Truck Rodeo but this time it’s not just ONE day, it’s TWO!

Hang out in Saratoga on two different weeknights for live music, a beer & wine pavilion and 7 for your favorite local trucks! On July 30th and August 13th from 5:00PM-9:00PM the Saratoga Eagle’s Club (373 Crescent Avenue, Saratoga Springs) is the place to be featuring Kona Ice, Wandering Dago, Eat Good Food, Pies on Wheels, Slidin’ Dirty, Gwenies Breakfast Wagon and Fitzy’s Fork in the Road!

Kona Ice is the truck to find during the hotter summer days. Nothing cools your off more when it’s hot out than ice, right? Sure, you can put ice in water or have ice cubes on hand to eat but why do that when you can enjoy flavored ice! Including flavors like mango, pineapple, blue raspberry, cherry or one of my favorites Tiger’s Blood, you can mix and match or just stick to one and each is only 50 calories without the flavoring so if you can restrain yourself, it’s a pretty healthy way to keep cool!

Wandering Dago is a food truck close to my heart. Not only were they the first 518 food truck I’ve experienced, they’re most likely found in my hometown of Schenectady. Check out my latest blog post about them if you haven’t yet, the food is fantastic. If you want to know what they’re serving up that day, you can either check their website MENU or see it on Facebook. They’ve recently gotten well-known for their milkshakes including the Muddy Pig that’s made with Chocolate and Bacon. I don’t drink milk so I haven’t been able to try one of these myself but I’ve begged for some soy milk options so I can (HINT HINT GUYS)!  🙂

I had my first experience with Eat Good Food at the Troy Food Truck Festival. Luckily for us, they’ve already posted their menu for the first rodeo and I already am having trouble deciding what I want. Between 1 half-dozen RI Clams in a White Wine Herbed Broth, Mini Maryland Crab Cakes with special Pickled Cucumber Red Onion Radish Relish, a Shaved Beef Au Jus, Crepe du Soir rolled around grilled asparagus and brie, a summer green salad with craisins and cashews tossed with a light maple citrus vinaigrette with sweet sides being either a Grannie T’s Bangor Walnut Fudge Brownie or a Key Lime Tartlette. I’m already hungry.

Pizza is one of those things that I could probably eat for any meal of the day. Pies on Wheels focuses on sustainable ingredients using the freshest ingredients. Though I’ve heard great things I’ve never actually had food from Pies on Wheels so chances are that I’ll be in the mood for a little bit of pizza. All of their flavors look fantastic, making a decision is gonna be the toughest part!

Slidin’ Dirty is THE  truck to get great sliders! If you’re thinking of checking them out, take a peek at their website before you go and see what sliders they have in the truck. The last time I had food from Slidin’ Dirty, I had the Dirty Ninja with Avocado fries which had sautéed Bok Choy and shitake mushrooms, scallion, sesame seed and Asian mustard. It was a great mix of Asian flavor but I think the Bacon Blue has my name on it for the next time. The avocado fries were deep-fried avocado slices and I couldn’t stop eating them. If you like avocados, make sure you order two because you’re going to want more than one order!

Gwenies Breakfast Wagon and Fitzy’s Fork in the Road are two new food trucks to me so I don’t know much about them. Don’t be surprised if  these two are my first stops on July 30th because I love to try new things, especially new food trucks. Fitzy’s Fork in the Road focuses on sandwiches soups and salads from what I can tell by the menu. No worries though, they offer wraps if that’s more your style. I’m excited to try Gwenies Breakfast Wagon, not only because of the recent TV publicity but I love breakfast foods and it’s been awhile since I’ve had breakfast for dinner!

There’s a good rundown of trucks to choose from. Keep looking to my blog or Facebook for more updates on this rodeo and how to stay connected to others going. What’s your favorite local food truck? Do you have a type of food you’d like to see made in a truck?

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