“My cell phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world.”

Carrie Underwood

Have you ever been at a Casino or a Golf Course or a Baseball game and wished you could have food ready for you? Luckily SnagMobile has figured that out. I was lucky enough to chat with Dan Cody, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of SnagMobile, about his product and how he came up with the idea to create it. On their website, they say that “SnagMobile is focused on creating mobile payment solutions that make sense. We provide a quality service and experience to our clients. SnagMobile1Our team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs who have a passion for technology.” The best part about it is that they’re based locally out of Albany!

Dan went to RPI and majored in Technology and came up with the concept as he was doing something we all hate to do: waiting in line. Sporting events are long and at some point you’re probably going to want some food but you have to risk missing part of the game to walk up to the stand, decide what you want, wait in line and walk back. With SnagMobile, you can not only look at the menu and decide what you want ahead of time but order your food to have ready for you at the counter. If you’re really into whatever it is you’re watching, they could even deliver the food to you! SnagMobile2At the moment, SnagMobile is a mobile web app, what that means is that there isn’t a specific app for the program yet but can be reached via their website or a QR code located at the counter.

As of last season, you may have noticed these QR codes at main concession counters at Joe Bruno Stadium, Home of the Tri-City Valleycats and they will continue to be there this season as well hopefully adding the delivery option. They will also feature their app in Ohio, home of the Lake Erie Crushers and looking into broadening their reach to the Syracuse Dome and of course the Times Union Center would be a great next step locally as well. Not only does this app help the spectators in this regard but also create jobs for the concession stands. In order to keep the same amount of people to create the food, the stadium in Ohio created a job so that one person would focus on just delivering the food. One can only assume that with larger stadiums, this would create more jobs.

In January, SnagMobile took part in StartUp Labs in Syracuse beating out 92 other entries. The winner will be announced sometime this month, keeping my fingers crossed. Their next step from stadiums is to extend to casinos, hotels and restaurants. When I asked about using this product for ordering food from restaurants, Dan mentioned that there are a lot of apps that already cater to that but there’s a need to make getting food during sporting events or other activities easier. They’re “trying to take waiting out of the equation.” Overall, I’m really excited to be able to go to my first ValleyCats game of the summer and be able to utilize this app. No worries, when I do that, I’ll be sure to update you on my experience. Where else do you think this app would be useful? What’s something else that you wish this app could do? If you’re a business owner, be sure to check out their website to see how you can add SnagMobile.

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