REVIEW: Wheatfields, Clifton Park [PHOTOS]

REVIEW: Wheatfields, Clifton Park [PHOTOS]

Laura Wilkinson

I’ve been to Wheatfields in Saratoga a number of times (past blog) and I knew there was a location in Clifton Park (54 Crossing Blvd  Clifton Park, NY 12065) but I hadn’t made it there until last week.WheatfieldsCP Last week was Saratoga County Restaurant Week and I love taking advantage of a specialized menu for $20.13. For appetizers, they were offering a Salmon Cake with lemon, dill and Dijon cream with a pickled carrot and spicy cucumber matchstick salad as well as a market salad with a tomato, cucumber, carrot and sun-dried tomato & ginger vinaigrette. I chose the salmon cake.

I enjoyed the cake but I was disappointed in how small the portion size was. I understand that it was just an appetizer but a little bit more of either salmon or salad would have been welcomed. I loved the salad. I’ve never had spicy cucumber before but paired with the sweeter pickled carrot and I would’ve eaten a whole bowl of that stuff. The cream wasn’t too bad but there was no strong flavor of lemon or dill in it and I don’t know if that’s because the salmon cake set it off or it was meant to have a light flavor but I actually preferred it that way.

For entrees, the first option was a Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo with handcrafted fettuccine and scallions which would have been my first pick if my stomach could handle Alfredo sauce. WheatfieldsCP2The second option was a Beef Bourguignon that was red wine braised with cupollini onion, carrot, celery potato & peas. Beef Bourguignon is most easily compared to a beef stew but what makes it a different flavor is that red wine. My aunt had it and said she really enjoyed her meal. I went with the Baked Haddock with black pepper & leek fondue and a lemon tarragon risotto. The lemon they gave me with it really enhanced the flavor of the dish. The haddock itself didn’t really have a flavor of its own but the fondue gave it enough that I enjoyed it. I loved the risotto. It was cooked perfectly and paired with the lemon I put on the fish so well.

I couldn’t wait to eat dessert. Our choices were White Chocolate Mousse or a Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. WheatfieldsCP3This was the hardest thing to choose because they both sounded so delicious. My aunt got the White Chocolate Mousse and I went with the Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae because cookies are my weakness. There wasn’t much to the dessert except some vanilla ice cream, a cookie and some whipped cream with syrup but it did taste very good. I can only assume that the cookie was triple chocolate because there were two kinds of chips involved but I couldn’t taste a difference. The problem with cookies is that it’s different from a brownie and when it gets cold, the cookie gets harder to eat. I still liked it and powered through because it was chocolate. I know Wheatfields is known for their homemade pasta and the waiter told us that because of the larger space in Clifton Park, that’s where most of it is made. The Clifton Park location has a lot more bar space than Saratoga so though both are great locations to go for Happy Hour, I feel that the Clifton Park location is more accommodating to a larger group of people. I’ve yet to have food from Wheatfields that I disliked and that says something for one restaurant. What’s your favorite Wheatfields meal?

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