“Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.”

Samuel Butler

I went to Upstate Concert Hall/ UCH (formerly Northern Lights) this past Wednesday to see Lindsey Stirling. LindseyStirlingI remember seeing her on America’s Got Talent a few seasons ago and though I remember her, nothing really stuck out at me as anything amazing. My Aunt is a big fan and when we heard she was coming to the area we, along with my cousin and his wife, decided to check her out. For those of you not familiar with Lindsey Stirling, she’s a violinist. What makes her different is that she doesn’t just stick to the classic violin style but adds a mix of hip-hop and dubstep so create a whole new kind of music.

The opening act was The Vibrant Sound, a group I wasn’t familiar with before the show but I’m glad I was introduced to them. Before the show, I checked out 3 of their videos on their YouTube page and those happened to be the first three songs they played at the show. One singer is a mix of Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars and Jack Johnson, if you can imagine that. Alone, he has a great voice but mix him in with a rapper with some serious flow and now that’s a perfect song I can jam to. Instead of just rapping about hott women and being in the club like most popular rappers now, their songs have a message which I like and their lyrics are worth a read.

After a quick break, it was time for Lindsey Stirling to start and I think I can safely say that I haven’t seen UCH this packed for one show in a long time. The fact that she packed UCH and that she is a violinist and not a rock band that usually attracts the crowds has to go to her amazing talent and the versatile music she can play. LindseyStirling2Who else can go from Michael Jackson to upbeat original songs to a Zelda Medley and go to Phantom of the Opera?

After America’s Got Talent, she became more well-known through her YouTube videos. What amazed me most was that through the 2 or so hours of the show she did not stop moving around the stage while playing her violin, sometimes alluding to some of her more popular videos. One of my favorite songs was “Shadows” where she almost competes with her own shadow throughout the song, dancing and playing the violin. It was really great to see her perform the video live.

Overall, the show was fantastic and both The Vibrant Sound and Lindsey Stirling gained a new fan that night. I can’t wait to see what they’re both going to do as their careers progress. If you haven’t heard Lindsey Stirling don’t stop at some of the cover songs she’s posted, make sure you also take a listen to some of the beautifully crafted original songs too. She’s incredibly talented and I can’t wait to give the rest of her album a listen. Hopefully, we’ll see her back in the area on her next tour and she’ll be able to sell out SPAC! Have you heard of Lindsey? Where did you hear of her from?

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