“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”

Henry David Thoreau

EDIT: Bob & Ron’s is now closed.

I love fish but I ‘m usually not a huge fan of fried fish. Every year, though, I read the Times Union Best Of poll and see people raving about some of the local places we have for fried fish. It’s Lent, I’m Catholic so I figured Friday would be the best day to try my first Bob & Ron’s experience. They offer not only Fish Fry but Lobster Rolls, Shrimp Rolls, Scallop Rolls or Hamburgers and Hot Dogs for those of you who don’t like fish. BobRons1Since it was my first experience at Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry, I felt it was only right that my first meal be a fish fry ($4.40).

On top of the fish fry, we also ordered lobster bisque and a crab cake for lunch and picked up a Shrimp and Crab Chowder for dinner. The fish fry was delicious. You can have either tartar sauce or cocktail sauce but I recommend mixing the two. The tartar sauce is great but it’s really the cocktail sauce that shines. They make it with an amount of  horseradish that would clear your sinuses if you ate enough of it. The fish itself didn’t really have a strong flavor on its own and I probably would’ve used a bit of lemon. The layer of fry on the fish was thick enough to coat but thin enough where you were getting more fish than fry, as it should. The lobster bisque was delicious, probably my favorite part of the entire meal. It was wonderfully creamy with the smallest hints of lobster chunks so you know that there’s fresh fish in there.

The crab cake ($9.50) on the other hand was disappointing. BobRons2The more we broke up the cake, the less fresh it seemed. It had absolutely no flavor and for the expensive price, I was really disappointed to just throw it out but it was gross. I won’t be ordering that again. Upside, for dinner, we had the chowder and it was pretty good. The lobster bisque was still my favorite and if it wasn’t for the strong peppery flavor of the chowder, they would have been on par. Overall, I enjoyed my lunch. We went on a Friday during lunch and the take-out line was busy so there’s obviously a reason. I’d be curious to taste one of the seasonal food items like clams, scallops or one of the clam chowders. I’m not a huge fan of fried fish but if I ever find myself with a craving, I’ll find myself here again but not with a crab cake.

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