“Keep Calm and Rock it Like a Redhead”

I wrote about the League of Extraordinary Redheads a week ago and how excited I was to go to this meet-up. I was really surprised by the amount of press a room full of redheads get. I apparently showed up after the news channels had left but the event was covered by a few big local stations as well as the Times Union. Though you won’t find any close-ups of my personal ginger locks, you will see a familiar face in the group shot all the way over to the right in the TU’s SEEN columnRedheadedLeagueIf this is the first time you’re hearing about this meet-up, check out my last blog post and get a rundown of what I’m talking about.

I showed up to Bootleggers in Troy this past Wednesday and it truly was redheaded domination. I was handed my official membership card (yes!) and left to mingle with my fellow gingers. After taking part in some light snacks and redheaded themed drink specials like featured red beers and “Red Headed Slut” shots, of course, it was time for our official meeting. The main focus of the meeting I’m not at liberty to discuss, something about stealing souls and sunscreen- you know, what we usually think about. Overall, it was a lot of fun. Where else would you see a huge group of redheads in one place? One time in my life, my hair color didn’t make me a minority and it was pretty awesome. I just wish that the lighting was a little different because the different levels of red tended to be lost under the light. We also decided where we should meet again because a get together like this can’t just be a one-time thing, we have membership cards for goodness sake! So hopefully sometime later this year you’ll walk into a bar and be surprised by the “red tide.” Anyone else join in on this? All hair colors are welcome so redhead or not, you should stop by our next “meeting” and check it out!

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