“When people pile seven things onto one burger, it drives me nuts!”

Bobby Flay

EDIT: Lillian’s Restaurant is now closed.

I love going to eat in Saratoga. There’s just a feel about the neighborhood that is different from anywhere else. I’ve luckily been able to eat in Saratoga a lot recently and about a week ago, I went to Lillian’s Restaurant (408 Broadway, Saratoga) for the very first time. Lillians1Lillian’s opened in 1974, family owned and operated for 40 years, and got its name from Broadway actress and opera singer Lillian Russell who though born in Iowa, use to live in Saratoga during the summer.

We first took a look at the regular menu and they seem to offer just about anything you or anyone in your party could be looking for. From seafood, steaks, salads, burgers, chicken or pasta, this is one restaurant to go to where you can keep everyone happy. The atmosphere is a little dated but it’s the feel they’re going for. The walls are lined with pictures from the early 1900s, back in the times of Lillian Russell, or at least how I understand that time period to look.

Instead of ordering from the regular menu, we decided to focus on the specials that night. For an appetizer I had homemade butternut squash soup andLillians2 for dinner I decided on the salmon burger ($11), their version of the Maryland Crab Cake, served with a drizzle of tartar sauce and potato wedges.

The butternut squash soup was good but if I had my choice I would’ve added a bit of hot sauce. If it makes any sense, the soup was thick but thin at the same time. Let me explain, the consistency was thick but I usually have butternut squash soup with something in it, either potatoes, carrots or bits of squash but this was just the squash broth. I did have to add a bit of salt and pepper for flavor but over all it was a respectable soup. I think next time though, I’ll skip right to dinner in order to leave more room for my meal.

The salmon burger was great! I don’t know about you but whenever there are potato chips, french fries or in this case potato wedges in my plate I eat them first regardless of how much I enjoy my main meal. The bread on the burger wasn’t anything special, but most are just a way to hold on and get the burger to your mouth. The tartar sauce was a great compliment to the burger even though the fish flavor wasn’t as strong as I would have expected. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t like fish you won’t like this burger but the fish flavor wasn’t too overwhelming. With each bite, I could see the flakes of salmon carefully put together to form the burger. Lillians3Just a simple burger with nothing on it so you can enjoy each bit of salmon flavor. I wasn’t able to finish the whole thing because of how filling the soup was but I saved half an it was as delicious as the night before. I did notice a bit more grease after it had a chance to sit but I enjoyed it either way.

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  • I’ve been to Lillians only once. It’s a nice place. Maybe next time I’ll try the salmon burger! I feel sad when I go to Saratoga in the off season. It’s always so bright and busy during the racing season.

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