“Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it.”

Robbie Coltrane

EDIT: The Lager House is now closed.

One of my favorite shows is Jeopardy. I love testing myself, seeing what I know and maybe learning a little bit in the process. That also means I love trivia nights. It seems as if every night in the capital district there’s some form of trivia at some restaurant or bar. One of my favorite ways to hang out with friends is debating the answer to a trivia question over delicious bar food. Usually I write on Wednesdays about really great local blogs and websites but since trivia is on Wednesdays I figured it was the perfect opportunity to talk about The Lagerhouse (185 Old Loudon Rd, Latham). Every Wednesday is ROCK Trivia but don’t let the name keep you away, the trivia is on a number of random topics and is sponsored by the radio station ROCK 100.9.

I went the other week and parking is rough but the parking lot across the street is available if there’s no room for you outside of the restaurant. At first glance, it looked pretty small but as more and more people showed up for trivia, I was surprised by how many people the restaurant fit comfortably. They have a great menu but each time I think to order something different, I always fall back on pizza. The first time, I ordered a delicious white pizza with spinach, cheese, artichoke hearts and onions. It was perfect. The crust is crunchy but still fluffy on the inside and they did not shy away from the toppings. If I had to say one bad thing about it, the spinach was a weird consistency but I think that was just the way the spinach was cooked. The flavor of the usually over powering vegetable was pretty tame but the texture was off putting; on the brink of soggy, maybe.

The second time I went for trivia, I ordered a red pizza with all vegetables: peppers, broccoli, cheese and spinach. There was less spinach on this one and I ended up liking it a lot better. Everything was cooked really well. I always get nervous order vegetables on pizza though it’s my favorite because if they’re not cooked enough and it’s too much of a crunch the pizza is ruined. This was not the case. I also saw other people order their spinach artichoke dip that I’ve only heard good things about as well as their calzones. They also always have a great beer selection, including some brands you may not find at every other bar. If you’re looking for a night out, a way to end hump day the right way, check out trivia. If you can’t on Wednesdays, they have delicious food and are worth a visit regardless.

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