“The best things in life are never rationed. Friendship, loyalty, love do not require coupons.”

George T. Hewett

EDIT: Blue Spice is now closed.

If you read my blog, you’ll know that this isn’t the first blog post that I’ve written that’s started out with either “So I bought a Groupon…” or “So I bought a LivingSocial…” and this is no different from those. So I bought a Groupon for $8 for $16 worth of lunch at Blue Spice on 1614 Central Ave in Colonie. I love Thai food and I usually frequent one place in particular but Groupons always give me the great opportunity to trying new places at a fraction of the price.

It wasn’t too busy but at 11:00AM on a Thursday, I didn’t expect it to be. I went with my boyfriend and we were sat immediately. The decor was a little strange. Aside from the long tables that force you to sit on pillows on the floor, this restaurant could’ve been for any type of food. The lunch menu is a lot smaller than the dinner menu but it features their staring plates. I went with my boyfriend and we started off with vegetable spring rolls and for PRICE we got 3 of them. They were pretty delicious but really hot when we started eating them. My recommendation is to give them proper time to cool down before you try to bite it in half.  For dinner, I decided on Pad Thai. I realize that ordering Pad Thai at a Thai restaurant is like ordering a California roll at a sushi bar but I love it. It started with the option of soup or a salad. MY boyfriend ordered the soup and I the salad. The soup was pretty delicious (he let me try it) but I was very happy with my salad decision. When they brought it to the table, it looked like there was no dressing on it but I tried it anyway and to my surprise the dressing was clear. After having this salad, I want to try to make this dressing, it was delicious! It was light enough where it didn’t overpower the salad but strong enough to give the lettuce a distinct flavor.

As for the Pad Thai, I was satisfied. The peanut flavor was stronger than I’m used to but still enjoyable.  My favorite part was the egg; it had soaked up the sauce and truly enhanced the flavor of the entire dish. My boyfriend ordered the Drunken (Thai) Noodle which is his staple Thai restaurant choice as well. I was very surprised by how spicy it was. If you like a tamer meal on your taste buds, steer away from the drunken noodle. After two bites it felt as if my mouth was on fire, but I did go back for more. The service was a little too attentive. There were only 2 tables other than ours and though I appreciate the waiters paying attention, it felt as if I took one sip of water and there were there filling up my glass again. I don’t want them to ignore me altogether but I do want time to enjoy my meal with the waiters looking over my shoulder. Overall, it was a good experience. Each meal was about $9, plus the PRICE spring rolls so it wasn’t too steep for two people to go out and enjoy a lunch. We both ended up taking some of our meal home and my Pad Thai also made for a delicious dinner. If you end up checking out Blue Spice, let me know how it was. There is also a location in Delmar that I’m curious about. Have you been to either place? What do you think?

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