“Enjoy every sandwich.”

Warren Zevon

I’m working merchandise for Wicked for the rest of the month (stop by and say Hello if you’re going to the show!). On the weekends, there are two shows and when I’m working both of them I need to eat. I’m usually really good about making food and bringing it with me to save money but I was running late. I know all the great places to eat in Downtown Schenectady so I figured no matter what, I was going to get something good. I do have breaks but they’re not really long enough where I have time to run home so I’ve spent most of my time inside of Apostrophe (inside of Proctors by the GE Theatre).

For dinner one night, I decided on the A Cappella. All of their sandwiches have cute music or theater references like ovation, encore, jazz hands or box office. The A Cappella is fajita chicken, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, sautéed peppers and mayo. You can either get it on a brioche roll or a wrap, I decided on a wrap. Other than being a tad bit more mayo than I would have enjoyed, the sandwich was delicious. They have such a great selection of paninis and drinks. If they don’t have a drink on the menu that grabs your attention, make one. They have a HUGE selection of syrups that you can mix together to come up with your signature drink. You could also use those syrups in your hot chocolate choices if you’re like me and not a huge fan of coffee. May I recommend peppermint? What I love is their tea selection, not only are there tons of options but a good number of them are from Divinitea on Union Street in Schenectady. You know I love keeping it local!

I love being in Proctors anyway, but add the ability to get work done on my laptop with the option of delicious food and drinks just steps away, it makes me wish I went to college around here so I could have utilized this over the millions of Starbucks I had in the city. This has a completely different feel and I love it. I can see myself spending a lot more time here. Along with the food and atmosphere, the people behind the counter are awesome. They are the chillest people to talk to and are really accommodating with anything you want. If you haven’t checked this place out, I recommend it. There are a lot of tables and chairs but I do wish there were a few more comfy chairs or maybe even a couch if I just want to come here and read a book or something. Other than that, this is a good mix of coffeehouse and cafe with the constant excitement that’s always in Proctors.

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