“Comics is a language. It’s a language most people understand intuitively.”

Bill Griffith

I’m a self-proclaimed nerd and I’m okay with saying that.  I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I not only watch Walking Dead but own the first compendium of the graphic novel and as you are reading this, I am attending New York Comic Con (NYCC)-  to name a few and I embrace it. For those of  you not as big as a fan of Walking Dead as I am, Robert Kirkman is the creator and writer of the novel/comic series and produces the TV show and he will be in attendance at NYCC this year.

My first thought was to bring the compendium with me for him to sign since for the past month I carried it around everywhere I went. Then, my better judgement got to me and I realized that carrying an at least 5lb book around NYCC not to mention Manhattan was a terrible idea. My next thought was to get one of the comics for him to sign, that way it’s lighter and easier to frame and hang on my wall. I looked on Amazon but the shipping and handling for an originally $4 comic was not something I was ready to pay. Then, my boyfriend said that we should go to Zombie Planet (1238 Central Ave, Albany) and my first thought upon arriving was “How have I not heard of this place before?”

I was slightly disappointed when I walked in the front door and saw no comics. There were board games, books, figures as well as dice but no comics. I asked someone who worked there about it and they said that I had to go upstairs- THERE’S AN UPSTAIRS?!?! First things I see when I walk in the door to my right were a Buffy graphic novel and Walking Dead action figures. This is where I wanted to be. While we were there, there was a HeroClix tournament going on so not only can you buy games but they have a space upstairs and for a minimal fee you can play against local people. Not’s not my style but it was interesting to watch them play. There were new comics featured on the wall and archived ones in an organized box area to the side. I had so many options as to which Walking Dead comic to choose so eventually after probably a half-hour I picked one, paid and am now ready for Comic Con.

This place isn’t really out-of-the-way, it’s right on Central Ave but it may be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. If you’re a closeted nerd or just dabble in nerdery, check this place out you may be surprised as to what kind of stuff you may be into. Check out their website for what they offer as well as a store tour, it’s a pretty cool place!

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