REVIEW: B-Leve Shampoo & Conditioner [PHOTOS]

REVIEW: B-Leve Shampoo & Conditioner [PHOTOS]


Note: Price Chopper is sponsoring this contest. They allowed me the chance to try out this product and have the ability to give my readers a chance to try it as well. They have had no impact on my overall opinion.

I don’t know much about hair care. To me, one shampoo is just like another. I usually just pick out the cheapest option and I don’t really notice a difference between the two. I had the opportunity through Price Chopper to try out a new product line, B-Leve. Their line includes skin care, hair care as well as general bath and body care. Their skin care line includes B-restful rejuvenating night cream, B-vibrant rejuvenating day lotion, B-awakened rejuvenating eye cream, B-luminous facial cleanser, and B-youthful face and eye serum to moisturize, firm, balance and rejuvenate. I wasn’t able to try them but they seemed reasonably priced.  I went looking among the other shampoos and body washes for these products and couldn’t find them at first. If you end up in the same position, check over by the pharmacy because before giving up, that’s where I ended up finding the display.

B-Leve prides their products on being made with natural ingredients and backed by advance science allowing them to be convenient and affordable without the use of animal testing. To start, I got the B- tranquil body wash, which smells amazing. I did a little research and it contains natural extract of safflower for smooth skin + glycerin to prevent dry skin+ vitamin E to promote healing.  The way they describe it, “moisture beads deliver instant encapsulated moisture to the skin while Oleofirm extends and enhances moisturizing benefits. ” I couldn’t find much on Oleofirm except that through the microspheres you can see in the wash, it releases moisture into your skin even after you use the product. Directly after using the product, I didn’t think my skin felt any softer than the body wash I had been using previously. Eventually I did notice that the moisture in my skin lasted longer through the day but nothing any one would notice unless they felt me before and after.

I was also able to try the B- hydrated shampoo/conditioner. They had two other options found on their website but with the sun damage from the summer and winter coming, I figured it was best to hydrate my hair. This product increases moisture, shine & manageability with natural extracts of cactus to maintain shine and for damage repair, kelp for hair growth and manageability and white tea to protect and strengthen. They describe the process of Cationic chemistry, “the leading technology in performance hair care specifically targets damaged areas along the hair shaft and the ends.” As I mentioned before, to me, one shampoo and conditioner is just like another, until I used this product. I took a shower in the morning and the rest of the day I couldn’t keep my hands off my hair. It was softer, lighter and had less tangles throughout the day. I had others feel my hair which may seem creepy but bear with me, and they too admitted to how soft it was. I may have to change my shampoo/ conditioner, this is definitely worth a try! Each bottle was about $5 so if you get a chance, at least give the shampoo/conditioner combo a try, my hair has never been this soft!

Actually, it’s funny I should say that because you actually DO have a chance to try out this product. Thanks to Price Chopper and B-Leve, I have this same package to give away to you. You will win a FREE shampoo, FREE conditioner as well as FREE body wash to try this product out for yourself.

All you have to do is comment on my blog (at the bottom of the page) and answer ONE question. The comment may not show up immediately because I have to approve of them but I did receive it!

What’s your favorite Price Chopper/Central Market brand product and why? & I’ll pick a winner later this week! Make sure you leave an email address so when you win, I’ll be able to contact you! 🙂 Thanks, good luck!

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