I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.

George Bernard Shaw

I love to cook. I watch the Food Network or Cooking Channel just wishing I had the ingredients to create the great tasting foods I see on TV. When Penzeys Spices opened in Crossgates, it kind of gave me the feeling like I had those fancy spices to mess around with. You walk around the store and there is honestly any type of spice you could dream of. Want dried peppers, dried garlic, etc? You can find it. Want specific BBQ spices to better your steak? You can find it. Want expensive ingredients like saffron at a less expensive price? YOU CAN FIND IT!

Sundays in my blog I usually talk about small foods I find at local places or snacks I make with local ingredients. Though Penzey’s Spices isn’t a local store, we have a local location so I feel that counts, especially because I’m excited to share this one. My boyfriend and I made turkey tacos all the time because it’s easy, relatively healthy and delicious. We end up using the salty concoction we buy from the supermarket with the meat to season and though delicious, I will not be buying that after what I found at Penzey’s.

Penzey’s has good number of seasonings but my new favorite is the Chicken Taco Seasoning. Though I knew I was making tacos with turkey, I figured in terms of seasoning, poultry is poultry. It was delicious! The seasoning to meat ratio is on the small bottle and for less than $5.00 it’s going to last awhile. If you’re nervous, you can always buy the bigger bottle still at a reasonable price!

If you haven’t been able to walk around in the store yet, take the time to check it out. Even if you don’t cook, you should be able to find some sort of seasoning in there to better even the basic foods like chicken. If not, they have delicious smelling things so take in the aromas if anything, or just try out their minty hot chocolate that I’ve come close to buying a few times. Let me know what you think!

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