Pasta doesn’t make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat.

Giada De Laurentiis

If you’ve never been to a restaurant week, you’re missing out. Lake George Restaurant Week just ended this past Saturday and I went to The Sagamore (110 Sagamore Road, Bolton Landing) and ate at La Bella Vita. If you’re not familiar, The Sagamore is a relatively expensive restaurant, at least for my wallet, but restaurant week makes it possible for me to eat there and not spend all of my money. For $20.12 (get it?) you get to pick a starter, an entree and a dessert which the waiter said is at least an $80 value but it does not include beverages, tax or gratuity so be careful when you check out the drink list.

For starters you get to choose between 8 options. Almost everyone at my table ordered the Lobster Bisque or another soup but I decided on the Bruschetta which was 3 pieces of tomato, basil and garlic on a small piece of bread. On the regular menu, the option is a Tasting of Bruschetta that includes basil-tomato and garlic (that I had), oven roasted peppers and ricotta salata and wild mushroom and buratta for $10. It looked beautiful but I knew I was going to have problems eating it when I picked up the first one and the bread almost completely fell apart but that didn’t take away from the delicious flavor. I almost didn’t taste the tomato, the garlic flavor was very overpowering. Garlic is one of my favorite food groups so I was in heaven but it makes me nervous to think what someone with “normal” garlic tendencies would think of the strong flavor.

As for the entrees, you had a choice of 7 options including Wild Salmon Florentine, Penne Alla’ Arrabbiatta, Spaghetti Pomodoro, Veal or Chicken Parmigiano and a delicious Bella Fillet Duo. I decided on the Rigatoni Pesto Genovese. The rigatoni entree said it had roast eggplant, organic heirloom tomatoes and topped with a shaved ricotta salata but it also included cubes of grilled chicken and olives as well. It was very, very good. On the regular menu, this entree alone would’ve cost $25, the Wild Salmon Florentine would’ve been $29 and the Filet Duo would’ve been $32. Restaurant Week is worth it for the entree alone, let alone the addition of a starter and dessert.

I wasn’t able to eat the entire meal that night so I saved it and ate it the next day and it tasted just as delicious. The pesto was some of the best I’ve had from a restaurant with no particular flavor outstanding but blended together perfectly. The olives were a strange flavor addition to the dish but eaten directly with the eggplant in the same bite, it seemed to work better. The bigger pieces of eggplant were a bit chewy but I overall loved it.

Now for my favorite part, dessert. The choices were a Gianduja Cannoli, Strawberry Shortcake and the Sagamore Chocolate Cake. As much as I love the flavor of gianduja, I was drawn to the Sagamore Chocolate Cake so I ordered that. It was rich but the chocolate was delicious. They left a small amount of fruit sauce on the plate but I would’ve loved to have more of that to cut down on the richness of the flavor.

I tried to see what the chocolate cake would’ve cost regularly but they didn’t have it listed on the online menu. The only down side to the meal was that though the food was a great price, the drinks were almost double what I normally pay. I think a nice red wine would have enhanced the flavor of the pasta but the price was too steep for me. La Bella Vita isn’t the only restaurant at The Sagamore so if you’ve eaten here, don’t forget to try Mr. Brown’s Pub too. I loved the food and this is going to make me check out a lot more restaurant weeks in the area, I’ve been wasting my time by not going to these sooner! Have you eaten at The Sagamore before? What did you order?

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