“A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It’s a theatrical event.”

Freddy Mercury

Usually on Wednesdays I write about a local blog but since it’s August and there are some great outdoor events I want to talk about, I’m gonna have to put that on hold for a bit. Every Wednesday in Downtown Troy (The parking lot behind Ryan’s Wake) is Rockin’ on the River at 5:00pm-8:30p. I’ve heard about the event but I ‘d never gone to check it out for myself, until recently. A few Wednesdays ago on July 25th was a Dave Matthews Tribute Band. I really enjoy Dave Matthews music so I figured this was a good a time as any to rock on the river.

What I didn’t realize is that not all the bands are local. The members of the Dave Matthews Tribute Band are from various Southern States and the members of “Who’s Bad,” the Michael Jackson Tribute Band the following week were from states in the MidEast. When I first saw the listing of bands and noticed that they were all tribute bands, I wasn’t too excited to be honest. In my experience, tribute bands tend to ruin the songs I’ve grown to love but not here. They may be tribute bands but if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought it actually was Dave Matthews up there, well maybe with a cold or something- it wasn’t exact.

Most people start showing up around 5:00p. If you want a spot on the patio at Ryan’s Wake, I would recommend showing up earlier than that. Before the show, you can grab dinner at Brown’s Brewery, Ryan’s Wake or Dinosaur BBQ and park in the FREE parking garage. Both Browns and Ryan’s Wake sell food in the parking lot if you’re looking to grab something quick. The concert time may be 5:00p-8:30p but everyone hangs out in the parking lot afterward and then meet up at one of the many bars in the area. Where else can you hang out like this on a Wednesday night? You got through hump day, you deserve it.

Here’s a list of the remaining Rockin’ on the River shows, hope you make it out to one (5:00p-8:30p):

August 8th: Skeeter Creek (Country Night- LOCAL band)

August 15th: ‘Blues for Breakfast’ a Tribute to the Greatful Dead

August 22nd: ‘Changes in Latitudes’ America’s Premiere Jimmy Buffet Tribute Show

August 29: ‘Blue Hand Luke’  Troy’s Favorite Party Band

Just a heads up from the website: “There will be absolutely NO alcoholic beverages, coolers, backpacks, bags, containers, packages, thermoses, cups, bottles, cans, flasks, glass containers of any kind; animals or pets* admitted to the event; Security personnel reserve the right to inspect any bag, container or package and confiscate any prohibited or illegal items. All attendees should be prepared to present age identification at any time and wear provided identifying bracelet at all times within event grounds if they intend to consume alcohol. Any attendee caught by security personnel consuming alcohol without a bracelet, will be escorted out of the event area.”

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