Leslie: Calzones are like pizzas but they’re harder to eat. They’re dumb. And so was that idea. Ben: Seriously? Tom: This is embarrassing for you.

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EDIT: DP Dough is now closed.

I love pizza. Pizza is one of those foods (and I think it’d be hard to find someone to disagree) that I couldn’t get sick of. You can put anything on pizza, it’s ever-changing, and as I’ve recently learned, you can make other delicious things with pizza. I was in Troy for the Troy Pig Out a couple of weeks ago and after having some delicious BBQ goodness, I wondered over to DP Dough which is apparently a huge deal and something I have seriously missed out on (71 4th Street, Troy). There’s also one in Albany, 212 Western Avenue- HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS?

To start off, I don’t eat things like this very often. I’m not a “health nut”  but I do watch what I eat and usually things with a lot of bread I shy away from. After a long day of working, I threw that all away and caved and ordered a calzone, my first ever calzone. They have a huge list of calzones to choose from but you can also make one yourself with 4 ingredients. There was one called the Low Cal Zone (you can find the Troy menu HERE) with Broccoli, Garlic, Mozzarella and Cheddar but I replaced the Mozzarella with Onions and I felt it was the best decision.

It was bigger than I expected and on a regular day I wouldn’t have even come close to finishing it but after working 14+ hours and not eaten in 8 of those hours, I devoured it and enjoyed every last bite. I expect most will share this or split it between two or more days but if you’re a college student looking for a last night snack or just happen to be in the area of one of these after a night out, this is your spot, the perfect after-bar food for only $7. It comes with really great tasting sauce to dunk in but in all honesty it was good on its own too. It didn’t have as much garlic in it as I would’ve liked but that goes for most things I eat.

There are so many ingredients to choose from including hamburger, mac and cheese, breaded chicken and even steak. This calzone look too big? You can order a mini-calzone for half the price, too! I didn’t notice when I was there that they had dessert calzones; the blueberry one has my name on it next time! You can also get chicken tenders or wings if calzones aren’t your thing but I recommend giving it a try. Let me know what you think!

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