“A wise man cares not for that which he cannot have”

Italian Proverb

Wednesdays I usually talk about local blogs but with all of the festivals going on in the Capital District I don’t want to miss out on recapping them. So, I’m going to take a Wednesday and let you know what you missed and what you need to plan to see next year!

One of the things I look forward to the most in Schenectady are the food festivals. Not only is the food delicious but they’re a great place to meet up with friends and see some people you may have forgotten about. There are many Italian “Festas” in the Capital District, especially in Schenectady but a month or so ago was the first of the summer- St Anthony’s Italian Festa. What was great about that Saturday was that the Upper Union Street Strawberry Festival in the morning and St. Anthony’s Festa in the evening so it was a busy day in Schenectady and an opportunity to stay out all day in beautiful weather.

Each year on Upper Union Street there is a Strawberry Festival (10a-2p) that loosely has to do with strawberries and more has to do with getting the community together and focusing on the local businesses in that area. Hot Harry’s always has their strawberry salsa, Gershon’s is always cooking on a grill out front on top of being able to order their delicious sandwiches and there are a few wine tastings and opportunities to buy strawberries along with music all the way up the street. The weather was a little too hot for my liking but it was a beautiful say to spend outside walking up and down Upper Union Street. I stopped by Gershon’s and decorated my own cupcake and bought some delicious cheese “salsa” but more on that in another blog entry.

After I took a nap from being in the heat all day, it was time to go to St. Anthony’s. Luckily I had a light lunch so my stomach was ready to some homemade Italian food. My first stop was the cavatelli and meatballs. The cavatelli pasta is so heavy that I don’t usually eat it very often but when it comes to Festa as well as it being homemade, I make an exception. I always hate ordering it though because cavatelli is one of those things I’ve never known how to correctly pronounce, I’ve heard so many ways, so I usually mumble it and play it off like I know what I’m doing. (On that note, if anyone knows exactly how to pronounce it, feel free to leave me a comment!)

The pasta was delicious. The meatballs were delicious. The sauce was a little disappointing. Overall still delicious but I was surprised that the sauce in the cavatelli wasn’t better. We also ordered calamari and that sauce was very tasty but that may have had to do with the seafood enhancing the flavor. As I mentioned before though, festas are less about food and more about community. Hopefully you can see the women and men (mostly women) working all evening cooking and handmaking the delicious food your eating. They don’t really have the time to sit and focus to make sure everything is perfect, especially with the  crowds but nothing beats homemade Italian food, right?

If you read my blog, you know that on Mondays & Fridays I give you all an idea of what’s going on in the Capital District and with all the beautiful weather we’ve been having, I know you want to go out instead of stuck hanging out inside. Be sure to check my event updates for more great festivals like these and a bunch of other great activities going on in your neighborhood. We’re in the middle of fair season so check some of them out!

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  • Love your attention to all things foodie in Schenectady — there are a few coming up – the Schenectady Day Nursery Steak & Lobster Fest on Thursday, Aug. 16 in Central Park. Tickets at FireFly Florists on Upper Union Street OR the Open Door Bookstore on Jay St. downtown. AND the 7th annual Little Italy StreetFest on Saturday, September 8 (Little Italy is the North Jay Street neighborhood) AND the Upper Union Street Harvest Fest on Saturday, October 13. Happy Eating – and music, children’s activities, and more!

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