“I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes.”

W.C. Fields

Have you been to the Great Escape yet? If not, you may not have known about the new rides at Splashwater Kingdom.On May 31, 2012, The Great Escape opened Alpine Freefalls. Alpine Freefalls includes the Cliffhanger, a free fall speed slide with skybox technology. You climb up the stairs to 63 feet, step inside the skybox, take one last look of Great Escape from that height, deep breath, the floor drops out and you’re dropped over 25ft per second (32 mph) down an 85 degree free fall into six inches of water.

Photo Credit: Six Flags

The second part of Alpine Freefalls is the Twisted Racer. The Twisted Racer is a four-story, four-lane mat race through twisted tunnels- see where it got its name? This ride gives you the opportunity to race against your friends and family at speeds of over 25 feet per second. The race starts in enclosed different colored tunnels and opens to a final drop for last-minute speed to the finish line. *NOTE- For a heads up, I heard rumors that the BLUE tube is the fastest so you may want to get to that tube first to win. I didn’t actually get the opportunity to go on one of the rides but it’s a lot of fun to just watch people, especially those going on the Cliffhanger. I’m sure you’ll be able to hear those screams all the way to route 9! If thrill and water rides are your favorite then make the Alpine Freefalls your first stop. Let me know how it goes!

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