“The cowboy must never shoot first, hit a smaller man or take unfair advantage.”


Personally, I love when a bar has some sort of theme. We have plenty of Irish bars, a few German bars, some infamous Mexican bars but if you’re looking for a nitty-gritty down-home country bar, I have the place for you- Barrel Saloon Rock and Roll Country Bar (942 Broadway, Albany). I already broke down what drink specials, etc they offer at the Barrel Saloon but this time I ordered some food and learned a little bit more. If you wanna check out what I said before CLICK HERE.

First, Wolff’s Biergarten opened on Broadway, then Stout and now that the neighborhood is shaping up to be another street in Albany to be packed with bars, the Barrel Saloon has something different that other bars down there don’t have. Aside from the mechanical bull in back, it’s close enough to the other bars to know you’re going out in Albany on a Friday or Saturday night but far enough away that you have your own little crowd either inside the bar or out back on it’s very large patio. On top of a great layout and location, they have a great country menu if you’re looking for wings, nachos or quesadillas. The last time I was there, I ordered a quesadilla (around $6.00) with grilled chicken and some waffle fries (extra $1.00). I don’t eat quesadillas because of the fact that I’m lactose intolerant but with Lactaid in hand and knowing that I was going home over this meal, I gave it a go and it was delicious. Instead of just tortillas with cheese and chicken, there were red peppers, jalapenos and all kinds of tasty. I do like hot food but I get nervous when chefs play around with jalapenos but in this dish they solely enhanced the flavor and didn’t leave me begging for some water.

In terms of  a bar, I assume one of the main things you’re worried about is the alcohol. No worries, they have quite the selection. With different specials each day (HERE), great Happy Hours and fantastic bands, there is always something going on so if you haven’t already, check it out. *If it’s your birthday, don’t forget to ask for the fishbowl!

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  • Jess, glad you liked the food, I do too! I love the people who run the place but I am able to be objective enough to say what I feel and I am always happy when I leave the Saloon. The people are nice, behind and in front of the bar, the food is tasty and my mom is alway welcome there when I bring her; so you know it must be good, right. Glad you had a good time!

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