“The shelf life of the modern hardback writer is somewhere between the milk and the yogurt.”

John Mortimer

EDIT: Yeh is now closed.

There are a number of yogurt places showing up around the Capital District recently. First, 16 Handles came to Clifton Park, then TCBY opened in Albany & Latham and now there’s Yeh! in Crossgates in Guilderland. From what I’ve seen, the frozen yogurt has a different quality and some of the flavors are different but overall they have the same basic premise and the topping choices are also pretty much the same. Don’t get me wrong, though. I really enjoy having the option of frozen yogurt no matter where I am but I was keeping my hopes up for something a little different.

I heard a couple of weeks ago that Yeh! had opened in Crossgates and though I assumed it was going to be about the same, I enjoy fro-yo in any shape or form so I figured I’d write it off as “blog research” and give it a try. If you’re looking for a SNACK on this SUNDAY (in air conditioning) check out Yeh! I was with my boyfriend and he wanted a smoothie but I wanted to see what Yeh! had to offer so we went to Yeh! first and to our surprise they offered smoothies! It costs the same per ounce as the dishes of yogurt (48 cents) and you make it the same but in a smoothie cup instead of a dish. I added Mixed Berry yogurt (with active probiotic) with pineapple yogurt. Then I mostly added fruit in the smoothie because it seemed like a better option than chunks of stuff like corn flakes or chocolate rocks.

They weighed it and added milk or juice if needed, then blended it for us. This is something that I haven’t seen at the other frozen yogurt places but I have a feeling will catch on. Overall, yes, all of these different franchises are basically the same but if you want an excuse for fro-yo or you found yourself wishing all of those toppings could be in a smoothie, check out Yeh! They also offer crepes, I don’t understand how it works but I have a feeling that’s the next thing I’ll have to try when I find myself at that mall again. Yeh! is under Forever21 behind the Apple Store, so since you’re probably going to be over at that part of the mall anyway, check it out- it’s delicious!

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