“Sushi is not really about flavor as much as texture. Everything is usually made bite-size so you can eat it in one bite, which is more proper.”

Tim Hoffman

EDIT: Hibachi X is now closed.

Salmon Carpaccio and Seaweed Salad

I love sushi. I feel like I start every blog entry I wrote about sushi with that statement but it’s oh so true. Last night, I filled my stomach to the brim with sushi and it’s such a great filling of satisfaction. You may be familiar with the sushi location Nikko’s Hibachi on Central Ave, I wrote a blog entry about it the end of last year that you can FIND HERE. Overall, it wasn’t even close to the best sushi I’ve had but when you’re going to a sushi buffet where the sushi sits there until someone takes it that’s usually what you would expect. If that sounds like a great idea to you, I hate to break it to you but it closed. When I went in there, it was pretty empty and the people I talked to felt the same way I did- if I’m going to spend that much on sushi, I’d much rather it be fresh.

If you’ve driven past the location, you’d see the new sign “Hibachi X” (1893 Central Ave, Colonie) out front. I feel bad for restaurants that have been here because the turn over has been so quick in an area that should have a lot of traffic (have you seen the parking lot at the Golden Corral next door?). This past Valentine’s Day I went to Sushi X with my boyfriend (Find the blog entry HERE) for lunch and I thought it was delicious. The new “Hibachi X” is a sibling to that same Sushi X in Latham and offers the same delicious fresh options, unlike its predecessor Nikko’s.

I didn’t see anywhere if this was an ongoing occurrence but last night they offered a $18.99 5 course dinner (soup, salad, appetizer, entree and dessert).

Waikiki Roll

If you go between 4:00p-7:00p any day of the week for Happy Hour, you can get buy one, get one drinks and buy one, get one any sushi rolls including specials which I think is a great deal especially with those $19 lobster rolls. For the soup, the options were miso and mushroom. I’m used to getting miso soup so I ordered that. It wasn’t anything special in terms of miso soup I’ve had in the past but it was delicious. For salad, they offered a variety of choices including seaweed salad, spicy seaweed salad and a house salad. I decided on the seaweed salad. It may look disgusting but it’s pretty delicious and worth a try, I promise.

For the appetizer, I ordered the salmon carpaccio. They also offer tuna carpaccio, edemame, crab angels, dumplings among many others so you’ll be sure to find something you like. What is carpaccio you ask? Nothing too fancy, raw meat or fish in this case that’s cut or pounded thin. I loved the flavor of the salmon, the lemon undertones and the color was beautiful but it was a little too peppery for my taste. I found myself grabbing for my plum wine after every bite because I was either coughing on the pepper or it was just more spicy than I expected. I probably wouldn’t order it again but only because I wasn’t able to enjoy it, I was too distracted by the flavor of the pepper and spices.

For my entree, I decided on picking two of the special rolls. I went with the Waikiki roll and the Angel roll. The Waikiki roll had salmon, avocado and mango with what I think I decided was a mango sauce drizzle but I was unable to distinctively tell. The mango was the best part of this roll, it was perfectly ripe and only enhanced the flavor of  the rest of the roll. I highly recommend this, especially if you’re a mango fan as I am. My favorite roll is an eel/avocado roll and I will admit that before this roll, I ate an eel/avocado roll and the mango of the Waikiki roll may take first place as my favorite blend of flavors but I’ll get back to you on that.

Angel Roll

My second roll was the angel roll and the plate was beautiful. To be honest, I was getting full by this point. Sushi is the best when it is freshly served and if I was to take this home, put it in my fridge for a while then eat it, it wouldn’t be a fair judgement of the flavors. Therefore, to blog fairly, I ate it for all of you to benefit from or at least I told myself that when I had realized how much food I had eaten up to that point.

The angel roll has eel, salmon, avocado (see a trend? bet you can guess my favorite ingredients in sushi now) wrapped in rice and avocado and salmon. As much as that was to type, that’s how much flavor this roll had. It was hard to keep the roll together because with the bigger pieces, the salmon fell off. Overall, this was delicious. The crunch was a little unnecessary. I understand the need for texture with this kind of roll but there was already so much to try to chew, the added crunch was a little too much. Again, everything was fresh and this salmon was mouth-watering.

For dessert we had the option of various flavors of ice cream like the basics vanilla and chocolate but also some more foreign flavors such as green tea and red bean. After all that food and passing on the option of fried ice cream or fried banana, I went with green tea ice cream. I drink green tea all the time and I’ve had green tea ice cream before so I’m familiar with the flavor and this, though good, wasn’t what I was expecting but in a good way. I welcomed the authentic taste in place of the usual artificial flavoring I’m used to with these foreign flavored ice creams that tend to leave a waxy coating on the tongue. It was a great way to end the meal.

If this seems like too much food for you (though a great deal!), they also offer a regular menu to order from as well as an area designated for hibachi. I understand that I went on a Wednesday but it was dinner time, during Happy Hour and I was surprised how dead the restaurant is. I don’t know if they ever had an official grand opening  to let people know that they are officially open but there are coupons in the Coupon Clipper and those kinds of magazines so grab one and check this restaurant out. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you live in the Colonie area and don’t have to travel to Latham for tasty sushi. If you give it a try, let me know if you agree and what special rolls or drinks you ordered, there’s a huge list of some crazy tasty looking ones!

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