“Bistro cooking is good, traditional food, earnestly made and honestly displayed. It is earthy, provincial, or bourgeois; as befits that kind of food, it is served in ample portions.”

David Liederman

As some of you in the Schenectady area may have noticed, between Orienda Yoga and the yet to be opened Bier Abbey is the new Marotta’s Bar-Ristro (611 Union Street, Schenectady). The Bar-Risto opened about a week ago and from what I’ve heard when I was there, everyone enjoyed it. It’s a cute little place on Lower Union Street with patio access and a wood fire oven to eat delicious pizza. I sat at the bar, enjoyed a not very eventful but winning Yankee game and ordered food. Though I may be biased, I recommend seeing if Tamara is working because not only is she a great bartender, she’s my cousin, so tip well 🙂

Each table has an iPad so that not only can you see what the options are for your meal like a regular menu but there are also pictures so you can see what you’re about to order looks like. They also have the option of a regular menu if you don’t know how to maneuver around. If you’d like to sit at the bar, there’s also an iPad at the bar and instead of a cash register, the bartender and waitresses use an iPad. Is this the future of restaurants?

At first, I ordered the Italian Cobb Salad that comes with eggs, roasted red peppers, provolone, ham, chicken and artichoke hearts with a drizzle of balsamic and it comes with two different dressings. (I apologize for the pictures, I had to take it on my phone so the glare is a little strong). It was a big enough salad for me to be able to take about half home and I intend on eating it for lunch today, I’m pretty excited about it. Everything on the menu is really reasonably priced. I can’t find a copy of the menu online so I recommended that they add a copy to the Facebook or create a website. Before I go out and eat somewhere new, I usually like to check out the menu online to ease the process of ordering and not have to take a long time but because it’s so new, I assume, the menu is yet to be found online.

My second course I shared a pizza with my mother. We decided on a delicious wood fired fresh pizza with artichoke hearts, caramelized onions and a balsamic drizzle. It looked a little burnt on top which made us nervous but it was cooked perfectly throughout. The caramelized onions were my favorite part, paired with the balsamic drizzle- I can’t wait to have another one! They have so many flavor options for pizzas. Each pizza has 6 slices which was perfect for two people, that with half of the salad was a perfect meal and I didn’t feel too full. On top of pizzas, they also have different options for pasta, fish and quite a few different salads.

Even if you’re not looking for food, this a great place to come out to just have a drink with some friends. I went out on a Monday night but I assume, though smaller than most of the bars in the area, this would be packed on the weekends. It’s got a great relaxed feel to it and with the summer months coming, it’s a perfect location to sit outside with friends and have some drinks especially after work. If you’re looking for a freshly made pizza with a great atmosphere, check out Marotta’s!

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